Why this Chef Course IS the fast track way to master your plant based journey...

Join Me In Bali And...

  • In just one week you will gain the confidence and creativity to master all types of plant based recipes, have ace knife & equipment skills, and have holistic health knowledge

  • You will begin to embody how magical it feels like to be high vibe in body and mind as you eat 100% raw vegan during your time with me

  • You’ll leave brimming with ideas and confidence on what you can do and where to go with your newfound skill sets

  • Understand how food is medicine and is the key to being empowered about your health

Who Is This Chef Course For?

• You are ready to learn tools & techniques to allow you to take back ownership and control of YOUR health using plant based foods as medicine

• Gain the confidence to have pro knife & kitchen equipment skills

• You want to feel empowered in the kitchen so you can make any plant based recipe with grace, ease and deliciousness!

• You want to know and experience techniques on how to detox and heal the body

• You will begin to embody how magical it feels like to be high vibe in body and mind as you eat 100% raw vegan during your time with us 

• You’re ready to start your own business, run retreats or workshops, start a food line, open a cafe or offer catering

Keen As Plant Based Mustard About My Chef Course in Bali?

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How Is This Chef Course Going To Rock Your World? You Will Learn...

  • All about raw, food groups and its principles

  • How to temper raw chocolate

  • How to create your own recipes

  • Detox - using foods, supplements, what to expect when on a detox

  • Eating for health – acid / alkaline, phytonutrients, good fats, high vibrational foods, intermittent fasting

  • How to use spices, low GI sweeteners, superfoods and other speciality foods

  • Equipment, your knife and how to use with confidence

  • Flavour Balancing

  • Learn all the secret techniques & tips raw food chefs use with unusual nutritionally dense, gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free ingredients

  • Food Handling and Storage

  • How to create delicious soups, snacks, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts every time

  • Learn the forgotten traditional art of fermented foods and their benefits

  • How to present and run a Workshop & get started in business

  • Graduation Certificate


Just some of what you'll experience on our delicious week together:

Are you ready to master plant based making, eating & being for major transformation?


What is Chef Course All About?

  • This is a week of full immersion of the wonder of plant based foods, learning, sharing, seeing, tasting, discovering, creating, eating in beautiful Bali!

  • My intention is for you to reveal the joy, creativity & nourishment you have for yourself and others, using food as your soul’s expression

  • You will experience shifts physically, mentally, spiritually as you create & consume beautiful raw food dishes every day, created by you and the group

  • No experience necessary to start this course with us, just a passion for health & yummy food required!

  • Gain the confidence and knowledge needed with this course to master your plant based eating lifestyle or start your own business, become an educator, open a cafe, develop your own food line, or offer existing clients a healing modality to round out your already holistic offerings

  • This is a fun filled educational week where you get to hang with your tribe, share knowledge, experiences, Bali magic and most of all, make delicious, healing FOOD!

Some logistics…

  • The course is held at Pondok Cocoa Learning Retreat Centre, in Ubud, Bali, with Amanda Brocket and her fabulous Raw Food Kitchen Team


  • The numbers are strictly capped to keep it intimate so you receive lots of extra knowledge & attention


  • Everyday is hands on delicious practical with 1-2 hours of holistic health & technique theory included


  • Course start at 9am and finishes at 6pm most days with our last day finishing at approximately 2pm after graduation


  • Accommodation at Pondok Cocoa is included in the price


  • Enjoy massages and swimming in the pool during breaks!
  • All recipes and content will be provided in a beautiful folder for you to take home with you


  • All meals between 9am – 5pm are included


  • No experience necessary to start this course, just a passion for beautiful food and learning all about natural health required
  • You’ll leave brimming with ideas and confidence on what you can do and where to go with your newfound skill sets


  • Learn all the secret techniques & tips raw food chefs use with unusual nutritionally dense, gluten free, dairy free & refined sugar free ingredients

Ready to get empowered about your health in the most delicious way?


PLUS...Included in your delicious week is:

  • Yoga & Meditation Class

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Ubud Markets Tour

  • The Raw Food Kitchen Apron yours to keep

  • Tjampuhan Ridge Walking Tour

  • Access to a private Facebook Group Page for ongoing support

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Hear what our students are saying about our Chef Course:

Firstly I just wanted to say that I am loving your course and you are an inspiration to many, so thank you! The motivation behind me attending was to learn about how to amend flavours, create my own recipes and also try and transform my grandmothers recipes into raw. We are covering these topics and so that’s fantastic. Debbie.

Just wanted to send a personal thank you to yourself, and your assistants for giving us such an amazing week. I could see just how much organisation, attention to detail, time and effort went into making the course appear to run so seamlessly. Personally, I gained a lot of information, refreshed some older information, learnt some new techniques, was inspired for some new ideas for recipes, and met some amazing like minded lovely ladies. Most important of all I developed confidence in my food preparation and presentation. Andrea.

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About Pondok Cocoa Learning Retreat Centre

Pondok Cocoa Retreat is nestled in the village of Kedewatan, a short drive north of central Ubud and close to the sacred Ayung River, the beautiful Tjampuhan River and Ridge

Pondok Cocoa is also approximately 10 minutes to Penestanan, the healing hub of Ubud, where many holistic treatments are available

The convenience of the location combines with the therapeutic benefits of the natural surrounds, making Pondok Cocoa’s privacy perfect for focused learning on Chef Course

Massage rooms, pool, open pavilions and break out spaces make it the perfect setting for resting & relaxing in between classroom time

Feel at home with the neutral decor and comfy beds

Important Things to Note

  • Flights and travel to & from the venue is not included; however we are more than happy to assist you in providing a driver for pick up at the airport to Pondok Cocoa for a small additional cost.
  • We offer payment plans. 20% deposit required to reserve your spot, then repayments to suit your budget. Last payment due 2 week prior to start date.
    Travel insurance travelling to and from Bali is recommended.
  • Registrations close 2 weeks prior to start date.
  • Fully paid up bookings are fully refundable less 50% booking fee up until 90 days out from course date. If you wish to cancel after this period, your payment & place will be forfeit. Refunds for deposits or payment plans partially completed will also incur a 10% admin fee.
  • This course is led by Amanda Brocket who is a published author, qualified chef, teacher and coach.

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I look forward to seeing you for this life changing week!

About Amanda, your facilitator & teacher

About Amanda:

Amanda shares the power of healing and transforming the body, mind and soul, through plant based eating by teaching and inspiring others to reconnect to and love their bodies, learn what it means to feel truly nourished, gain more energy and vitality and change the way we think about the word “diet”.

Amanda is a qualified Raw Food Teacher, Chef, Coach and published author.

Amanda has a strong interest in helping others learn the secrets & tips to preparing and creating plant based dishes so a mainly plant based lifestyle is not only sustainable but fun and enjoyable.

Amanda also has a strong interest in detox having dedicated the last 8 years of her life to detoxing, healing and upgrading the body, through various healing modalities that include detox strategies, body work and energetic healing.

Her personal journey has given her a deep understanding of what’s required to heal the body naturally for optimal well being.

Amanda loves hosting events, chef courses, workshops and retreats in Sydney and Bali, as well as offering guided online programs to help people along their wellness journey.

Amanda has been leading chef courses & healing retreats for the last 6 years and is passionate about helping others transform their health, upskill their knowledge in the kitchen and more through the power of plant based eating.

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