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  • Learn how you CAN detox & heal your body using food as medicine

  • Amanda shares her secrets on how to be plant based long term

  • Learn all about prep techniques so kitchen time is easy & no fuss

  • Discover your taste buds coming alive with over 80 delicious recipes

  • Feel energised with a bonus one week meal plan included

  • Learn how to stop sugar cravings & heal your gut

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Over 80 delicious recipes including the ones above for you to try!

The Raw Food Kitchen Book

In this healthy recipe book I share my secrets with you on how to stop craving sugar, regain your energy, heal your gut and lose weight effortlessly.

I share with you my story on how I healed from Systemic Candida using plant based foods as my medicine, how delicious raw vegan food can be with some key tools & techniques and how this way of eating and being can help heal you too.

You will experience the most nourishing recipes to get you started, as well as expert advice on ingredients, preparation, techniques and equipment.

BONUS – a one week meal plan for you to try and start to reap the benefits of more energy, clarity and weight loss in just 7 days using my meal plan.

Step into The Raw Food Kitchen and discover a way of eating that leaves you feeling healthy, energised and revitalised. I show you how in this delicious hard cover recipe book.

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About Amanda, Author, Chef & Plant Based Educator

About Amanda:

In this book, Amanda shares the power of healing and transforming the body, mind and soul, through plant based eating by teaching and inspiring others to reconnect to and love their bodies, learn what it means to feel truly nourished, gain more energy and vitality and change the way we think about the word “diet”.

Amanda is a qualified Raw Food Teacher, Chef, & Coach.

Amanda has a strong interest in helping others learn the secrets & tips to preparing and creating plant based dishes so a mainly plant based lifestyle is not only sustainable but fun and enjoyable.

Amanda also has a strong interest in detox having dedicated the last 8 years of her life to detoxing, healing and upgrading the body, through various healing modalities that include detox strategies, body work and energetic healing.

Her personal journey has given her a deep understanding of what’s required to heal the body naturally for optimal well being.

Amanda loves hosting events, chef courses, workshops and retreats in Sydney and Bali, as well as offering guided online programs to help people along their wellness journey.

Through this book Amanda is able to reach and help others transform their health, upskill their knowledge in the kitchen and live their best lives ever through the power of plant based eating.

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