Everything you need to get started is in this kit!



an easy & fail safe way to make probiotic rich foods at home pronto!


Fail safe ferments

No fail with this kit with our unique vacuum seal lids & pump. Handy date timer on the lids too! No burping required, or dealing with stuck lids, giving you zero spoilage, and a guaranteed safe, delicious, healthy ferment of your food.

Food safe glass with embossed design can be placed in the dishwasher, as can the vacuum seal lids, however for longevity of the seals we recommend a hot hand wash with soapy water and hot rinse is best.


32 oz wide mouth mason jars included

So NOW you really can create successful ferments & get pickling in your kitchen right away as soon as you receive this kit! The 2 x 32 oz wide mouth mason jars fit any standard mason jar lid too!


Create a happy gut for you & your family

Our gut & brain are closely connected so it makes sense that when we have the correct balance of healthy good bacteria to bad, our gut, brain & immune system are healthy too!

Use our Complete Fermentation Starter Kit to help nourish gut & mind with pro-biotic goodness in the most easy, fuss free way possible!


Be a part of something special

Automatic access to The Culture Hub Club when you purchase this kit. Meet your fermentation tribe, get additional recipes & videos & more!



Give the gift of health with this unique fermentation kit!

gift this kit to the ones you love!

The gift of health is priceless. This kit makes a great gift for Mom, or your conscious babe. We’ve specifically designed the kit box to create a wonderful experience for the person receiving and using it! They get exclusive access to The Culture Hub Club simply by joining for ongoing support, extra recipes & special offers & discounts.

With delicious recipes provided in the kit along with the mason jars, cute jar labels, it’s easy to create gut loving, pro-biotic rich fermented foods time and time again. Food is an expression of love!




I’m a beginner fermenter & could never get my ferments to take, usually went mouldy or did not ferment at all! Now everything is so much easier using this kit. I don’t need to worry or fuss over them anymore.

My ferments turn out amazing every time & my gut is finally happier too!


This kit is great! The lids, pump & glass weights makes my ferments fail safe.

I love the whole kit & love how it comes with mason jars that also fit other standard wide mouth mason jar lids. Highly recommend this kit for ease of use and price!


This items in this kit come in a beautiful gift style box. This would make a great gift for Xmas or for birthdays!

I especially love the exclusive ferments recipes booklet that comes with the kit. I have made all the recipes and they are truly next level delicious!


our story

our team at the culture hub by the raw food kitchen is the brainchild of kiwi/aussie amanda brocket.

What you see today stems from a few things, namely when she started The Raw Food Kitchen many years ago due to her own personal journey from illness to wellness, using food as medicine to heal.

Along the way she discovered fermented foods and how they helped her to better health!

Many people have tried fermented foods before but many were also unsure if they were successful or not. Was that smell ok? What if it goes moldy? Can I make it vegan? So many unknowns when it comes the mystical world of fermenting.

This inspired her to provide workshops and events all around the world to share and teach about the magic of ferments and how to use them as a delicious way to help improve gut health.

This is what led her to create the amazing Complete Fermentation Starter Kit. This kit takes the guesswork out of fermenting. With the air lock lids, pump & exclusive recipes you are guaranteed a successful ferment every time.

These days you’ll find us working tirelessly towards Amanda’s dream of making healthy gut loving foods accessible to everyone with our unique kitchen products that help you feel good from the inside out!

That’s our 100% commitment to you!

And you are about to find out how easy it is to make guaranteed delicious ferments & pickles simply by getting started with this kit.

We’re ready to gut love you up!

yes i want the kit!




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