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The Secret to making Healthy Changes Stick

  • I know you want to feel healthy, energised, confident in plant based food prep and kicking health goals.
  • You want freedom from aches and pains, feeling blah, tummy troubles, cold’s & flu and weight gain. Freedom from the worry about the future of your health.
  • Freedom from the self sabotage that is stopping you from being at your best. You are SO ready to break the cycle!
  • Or maybe every time you go to make those healthy changes, you get into overwhelm, and don’t know where to start.
  • It’s so frustrating and it always feels like two steps forward, one step back in your healthy eating journey.

Let me share with you that the secret to real success is in this course.

  • On this course together, we master the 3 key things required that are the secret to living a plant based life in an easy, joyful way so you can be feeling amazing every day, naturally, with my easy no dogma version of plant based living.
  • The protocols that make up the 3 key things encompasses what I have been teaching and helping thousands of women (and men) get on and stay on the journey of using food as medicine in the last 10 years of being a plant based master coach.
  • During our 8 weeks together we start at ground zero & build on each week, step by step, so you grow in confidence each week in all 3 key areas, body and mind, using mindset, detox and plant based recipe repertoire in a systemised way to create huge results.


“I have finished the course and I have absolutely loved it. I feel amazing and only wish I had done it years ago. My husband has tried all my meals and has loved them all too, so glad we are now on this plant based journey together! Thank you for opening my eyes to a better way of eating.”


“Loving the recipes especially at this time of the year! Have mastered the detox protocols for this week and the hero breakfast recipes, now looking forward to building on this next week with lunches!”


“Having multiple health troubles across several generations we have noticed a difference greatly to our physical abilities and general well being by following your methodology. Again we all thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” 

~ Leah and family.

“I needed to get to where I was 15 years ago, because I’m just not happy with the weight I’ve gained and how that effects everything I do, and have struggled to find something that inspired me enough to have a crack at…..And Amanda, you have exactly what I’ve been looking for. I love your methods which help keep me on track.”


“‪This course is the course to dive in and make the lasting changes to diet and health! These changes are ones that I’ve longed for over the years. Not just for me but so I can inspire our kids, so they can raise healthy children themselves and our friends too. Thanks Amanda for your inspiration.”


“Halfway through and feeling good! Lots of alertness, energy, less grizzle. Found myself running last night when I’d just gone out for a walk! It’s been part of my goals to build up my energy during this Course so I can get my fitness back to where it was. Feeling this way I think is going to be a piece of plant based cake!” 


I’ve created this course for you

  • This Course is for you if you dabble in going plant based, only to fall off the wagon a few days, weeks or months later.
  • You want to make a start to healthier eating and know plant based is the answer but feel overwhelmed, there is so much conflicting information out there.
  • You have a burning desire to experience the amazing natural immunity, health, energy & vitality that eating clean & being plant based brings.
  • Your plant based recipe attempts are a bit hit and miss, you lack kitchen confidence, or you feel you are missing a key part of the puzzle that makes healthy eating & living a breeze.
  • You want a system for living your plant based life that will back you up with go-to meal plans, recipes, mindset tricks, detox protocols & a facebook page for support!
  • You want transformation that puts you back in the driver’s seat of your health, in control & manifesting and creating the life you want.
  • You’re ready to reconnect to your body again, learn how to trust your inner intuition, and have access to professional, experienced guidance to help get you there.
  • Failure is no longer an option. Only success. You’re ready for a reset!
  • You want the keys to knowing how to tap into different diet & detox modalities, supplements so you can pivot in your diet when ‘life stuff happens’.
  • You are 100% committed to being truly, naturally, Every Day Healthy.


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What you get when you join the Every Day Healthy Course

  • A dedicated and exclusive Member’s Area where you access all your modules and weekly meal plan, recipes, tips and tricks, bonus videos. Access for life.
  • Each module builds on the next, with each week focusing on one or two hero recipes from the meal plans & recipes of either breakfasts, lunches, dinners, sweet treats & condiments, fermented foods, fasting and raw vegan.
  • Each module builds on mindset goals and detox protocols while we simultaneously build on our plant based recipes, connection to our bodies and holistic health knowledge.
  • Amanda Brocket is your plant base master coach in a dedicated private Facebook Group page. This is also where tribe come together to share, inspire and support.
  • Regular Blockbuster calls where we deep dive into topics relevant to that week, building your knowledge and confidence of all things holistic so that living a plant based lifestyle is successful, joyful and easy for you.
  • Recorded cooking events where you get to make as you go with the Hero Recipe of the week. Stop, start & play at your own pace.
  • Questionnaires, journal time and unique goal setting to track your progress.
  • We culminate our journey with a beginners guided fast & a 100% raw vegan week together!

What you embody on the Every Day Healthy Course:


1. Mindset


2. Detox


3. Recipe Mastery

Living your best life, in control of your health, is just a click away.

Are you ready for the best version of you, feeling Every Day Healthy?

And I will see you on the other side!


A. Not at all. The course has been designed so you incorporate some cooked food and food you know and love just done healthier. I also give you options if you choose to eat out from time to time or need food in a hurry. The course focuses on building your confidence in the 3 key areas so by Week 7 & 8 you are fully ready for a deeper dive into healing with a fast and a 100% raw vegan week. We do this together.

A. Yes! Once purchased you have the course for life.

A. We advise to go slowly if you wish to try this Course while breastfeeding or pregnant. I recommend you seek advice of your Naturopath or Functional Medicine Doctor beforehand. This course also makes a great pre-conception program.

A. Please use the Facebook Group Page to ask questions, share or reach out for support. The Every Day Healthy Course Facebook Page is designed as a safe container to feel safe to express your process and share your journey.

A. Confidence in creating delicious plant based recipes with ease. New healthy habits that are second nature. Confidence in knowing how to detox and what tools to use to help support your body during the ever changing cycles of life. Renewed energy, focus, clarity, optimal weight, healing of niggly health conditions. Knowledge on what it means to be naturally healthy with a variety of holistic health tips and tricks. Manifesting and creating your life as your best and highest self.

A. Yes, more than likely. As your body starts to eliminate toxins and by consuming plant based foods your body will utilise this food much more easily for fuel and metabolism. If you are already slim you may experience some weight loss in the beginning but most people find that after a period of time their body finds its optimal weight range.

A. You will need a high powered blender, food processor, a nut milk bag, mandoline and vege spiraliser (not essential) along with a good chef’s knife and chopping board to start with. The rest you can add to your kitchen later.

A. Not at all. This is one of the reasons why you will love this course so much! You still get to eat pizza, pasta, ice cream, chocolate, cheesecake and more on this course! You just get much healthier kick arse versions of the original artery clogging recipes.

A. Yes. Once purchased you will receive your welcome email with instructions on what to do next as well as an email with a link to access your member’s area, Facebook group age and you can get started. I recommend you print off the downloadable collateral so you can have handy in the kitchen. Please note, all electronic, downloadable Programs, Plans & Courses are non-refundable once purchased.

A. No. Although I do advise eating organic where possible, this can be prohibitive to many budgets. You will still reap the benefits by shopping conventional during this course.

A. They are done via Zoom Meeting Room. No need for you to do anything except accept the Zoom invitation via email and follow along on your laptop! Live cooking is great as you can learn as you go, and ask questions as they arise so you can perfect your plant based food in next to no time this way. Classes are number dependant (minimum of 2 required to go ahead) and also dependant on the Module we are learning at the time.

Every Day Healthy Course