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It’s no secret that these foods are the staples of the worlds blue zones, where people live the longest!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with where to start or struggling to find delicious ways to include more plants and fermented foods in your diet, I’ve got you!

Take the first step to fermenting with my Get Your Gut In Tip Top Shape eBook HERE.

5 simple fermentation recipes to get you started and some eye opening info that will inspire you to start fermenting pronto!

If you need guidance on how to set up your kitchen with healthy options and get simple but delicious plant based recipes, make sure you also grab my 5 Easy Hacks to Plant Based Eating eBook HERE.

Grab these eBooks and in just 5 days you will be on your way to easy weight loss, better energy, a happy gut, and feeling great.

See you on the other side!

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Fermentation Kits

I’m a beginner fermenter & could never get my ferments to take, usually went moldy or did not ferment at all! Everything is so much easier using this kit. My ferments turn out amazing every time & my gut is finally happier too! Sandra

7 Day Raw Food Plan

I’m on day 7 and absolutely loving the transformation! I have so much energy during the day and sleeping better at night. Carlie

Gut Makeover

I can’t eat dairy or gluten so knowing what healthy swaps I can make, along with knowing how to ferment plant based foods for my gut is a God send! Traci

7 Day Cooked Vegan Cleanse

The information Amanda provides is very informative and easy to follow which makes the transition feel easy! The meals are just delicious..I can’t wait to take the next step. Thanks for the inspiration! Kylie

Products & Programs

The Raw Food Kitchen Book

Essential for your kitchen! This book gives you the intro to health & healing using plant based foods. Over 80 delicious recipes for you to try + BONUS meal plan!

The Complete Fermentation Starter Kit

Everything you need to get started with fermenting foods at home! Guaranteed results with this kit. With delicious recipes provided along with the unique vacuum seal lids & mason jars, it’s easy to create gut loving, pro-biotic rich fermented foods straight away time and time again. This kit also makes a great gift for that special someone.

Fermentation Kit Top Up Pack

Making Fermented Foods Just Got 3 x Easier! More of what you love about our fail safe fermenting kits! In this Top Up Pack you get 3 x airlock fermentation lids, 3 x glass fermenting weights, BONUS vegetable tamper, NEW recipes & more! Batch create ferments to start your food bank at home.

My intro course to Raw

7 Days is all it takes to feel amazing. Included is a done for you meal plan, recipes, bonus recipes, shopping list, access to my Facebook Cleanse Community and a starter kit to support you on your journey to 7 days to rawsome! No fancy equipment needed for this plan. ANYONE can do this week!

Gut Makeover Program

Heal your gut in 4 easy steps with this comprehensive Gut Makeover Program. This Program takes you through strategic weekly protocols to clear out gut toxins and create a healthy terrain for good bacteria to thrive. Kill the bloat, indigestion, cravings, so you can eat well to feel well again.

5 Day Juice Fast for Beginners

This fast is designed for beginners with juices & smoothies that help cleanse and detox yet help you feel full so you don’t crave and cave!

Includes starter guide, liquid nutrition recipes, shopping list & your juice / smoothie plan for each day.

This 5 Day Juice Fast is a FAST reset to optimal well-being!

Every Day Healthy Course

NEW! You start at ground zero on this course & build in confidence each week, step by step, mastering the 3 key areas of mindset, detox & plant based recipe mastery so you can become a plant based PRO, slaying goals by the end of our 8 weeks together.

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Every Day Healthy Course will give you a systemised program to create huge results!

Pre-register NOW for the next kick off!

7 Day Cooked Vegan Cleanse

Perfect for Winter! A cleanse with hearty, healthy, delicious cooked vegan meals.

We eliminate all the nasties that contribute to weight gain & carefully chose every meal to help gently detox & boost your immune system.

If you’re needing a reset from foods that do not serve you THIS IS THE CLEANSE FOR YOU!

Comes with a meal plan, all recipes, shopping list & starter guide.

Live Events


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Garlic And Dill Almond Flat Bread

This Garlic Dill Almond Flat Bread recipe is so versatile and amazing for anyone who is looking for a super duper healthy gluten free wrap, that you can use to


Naughty And Nice Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark

This Naughty & Nice Valentine’s Day Chocolate Bark is a juxtaposition of healthy and naughty. Bit like a relationship ‘eh?! I’ve tried to add extra protein in where I can



Four Hidden Food Ingredients That Feed Candida

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A Day Of Eating The Longevity Diet Including Fermented Foods

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Why A Raw Food Diet?

Get Maximum Nutrition

An apple contains 100% apple. A zucchini 100% zucchini. That is where we need to start. A raw food diet will lead you away from denatured, processed and “dead food”. By using unprocessed, unrefined, cold-pressed and uncooked food you make sure the maximum amount of nutritional value is available to your body and can be utilised for fuel, detox, repair and metabolism. A raw food diet is the first place to start if you are serious about upgrading your health.

Join me for your upgrade and you will learn some cool yet easy techniques, creating a range of many of your “old” favourites simply using a few key ingredients!

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Learn how to sprout, soak and ferment foods to help create easily digestible meals.

You will see that by utilising fresh vegetables & fruits, nuts, seeds, gluten free grains, and good fats you can create absolutely anything that not only tastes good but becomes your daily dose of medicine.

Start to Naturally Self Heal

A raw food diet will allow your body time out from overwork and gives your body the opportunity to self heal. Your body will by itself start cleansing out toxins and diseases when you stop loading it with hard to digest processed and cooked foods.

While you don’t technically cook food, you can heat it slightly without destroying the amazing properties of the food. Using a dehydrator or blender and not heating the food above 44˚C or 115˚F means all the living enzymes in the food remain intact and your body can easily digest and assimilate every nutrient and deliver them to every cell in your body, giving you abundant energy, glowing health and a happy heart.

Learning about fermentation & adding in fermented foods such as Sauerkraut, Kimchi, Yoghurts, even fermented plant based cheese to meals helps the gut to heal and creates an optimal balance of good bacteria which means building a more healthy immune system for you.

What is plant based all about then?

My approach to “plant based” encompasses raw vegan food but is not ALL about raw vegan food. You will learn about the 80/20 rule how we include some cooked foods and lean protein, along with sprouted grains, nuts, seeds and fermented foods you can see how this way of eating creates a long-term, sustainable approach to healthy eating that is not as restrictive as a 100% raw vegan diet can be.

Plant based has a more flexible approach to eating, and this is where you will want to be once you have upgraded your health, using a combination of raw vegan foods and detox protocols.

Join me and I will take you on the journey step by step, I help take all the guess work and overwhelm out for you. Simply check out the product or program that’s right for you on the Home Page or if you’d like more support and nurturing before diving in, jump on the Sign Up button and start my free eBook and 4 part video series.

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