Try My Juice Fast For Beginners if you want:

  1. To feel energised and revitalised for 2020 and beyond
  2. To lose the bloat that’s been creeping back in to your life
  3. A reset of all your cells to healthy buzzy ones for a new YOU
  4. A regenerated liver and improved skin & digestion
  5. Feel supported with your tribe in The Raw Food Kitchen Cleanse Community
  6. To heal niggly health issues

Is This Juice Fast For You?

Are You –

  • Feeling heavy and blah lately
  • Ready to kick unhealthy habits to the curb
  • Want to boost your flat immune system
  • Ready to feel happy and energised again
  • Ready to to reconnect to your body again
  • Hate being hungry – trust me I know about this one!

Then You Will Want to Try My Juice Fast For Beginners

+ Optional Coconut Water Fast for Just $29!

Get the Juice Fast for Beginners + Optional Coconut Water Fast & You Receive…

Delicious juice, smoothie, and blended soup recipes

A meal plan, shopping list PLUS bonus recipes & a 1 day meal plan for coming off the fast!

Bonus video diaries on my fasting journey + access to my Facebook Group

A Getting Started Guide that includes all you need to know on how to do the Juice Fast & Coconut Fast

I’ve designed this Plan to make Fasting as easy and stress free as possible!


  • I want you to experience a fast reset to optimal well-being
  • I want you to feel supported and guided during your fast
  • I give you lots of tips & techniques to help make detoxing easy
  • I want you to have a tip top immune system so you can be the best version of you
  • I want you to experience renewed energy and mental clarity
  • 5 days of fasting is SOOOO achievable!
  • And for the daring, I’ve included an optional coconut water fast!

Anything else I should know?


  • No fancy equipment needed, you can get started with just a blender
  • I give you a comprehensive shopping list to help make the shop easy
  • I’ve chosen to include smoothies and blended soups on the juice fast for beginners to help with the hunger cravings!
  • I give you tips along the way on how to make prep and handling detox easy
  • BONUS – Juices, Smoothies booklet, bonus 1 Day Meal Plan for coming off the fast, PLUS bonus videos included in my 5 Day Juice Fast for Beginners + Optional Coconut Water Fast!
  • This fast will help set you up for longer lasting healthy lifestyle changes & make you feel good!

Eating Well and Being Well is Just a Click Away With My 5 Day Juice Fast For Beginners + Optional Coconut Water Fast

My aim in putting this Juice Fast for Beginners together is to help make you feel your best self so you can have the best day EVER every day – while being supported by me and my cleansing community to help get you on the path to feeling renewed, revitalised and ready to rock into 2019 feeling amazing!

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Success Stories

“I’ve never fasted before but have been wanting to try it for ages. So glad I did, the recipes really helped keep me full for ages! Plus I feel better than ever. What’s not to love?!”


“I’ve fasted before so wanted to try the Coconut Water Fast. Am so glad I did, everything in the Plan was easy to follow and it made the fast easy.”


“Amanda provided plenty of support and guidance, even though Detox is real! Having that support and using all the techniques in the Plan really helped get me through it. On Day 4 & 5 I felt amazing, better than I had in years!”


Are You Ready?

  • To get back healthy eating habits
  • To detox out all your indulgences
  • To do a fast without feeling hungry
  • To be supported by your tribe while fasting
  • To have the strongest immune system EVER, no more colds for you!
  • To feel like your body and mind has had a reset on all levels

This Juice Fast for Beginners is for You!


Will I lose weight?

Yes, more than likely. As your body starts to eliminate toxins your body will naturally drop weight. If you are already slim you may experience some weight loss in the beginning but most people find that after a period of time their body finds its optimal weight range after coming off the fast.

Do I need to purchase all organic foods?

No. Although I do advise leafy greens and fruit to be organic where possible, its expensive! You can still purchase your fruits and vegetables conventional and reap the benefits of the fast.

Do I have to do an enema or colonic?

Yes, these are highly recommended to detoxify efficiently and will enable you to fully reap the benefits of your fast with us. Cleaning out the colon while cleansing will make you more comfortable, and will also maximize your results. This clearing of toxins reduces or eliminates detox symptoms, minimises hunger, encourages healthy bowel habits, and retrains the colon as one of the main detoxification passages. I highly recommend getting a colonic with a trained professional.

Why does juicing or fasting help reset our bodies?

By drinking juice your body can stop the hard work of digesting and focus on healing and regenerating, gobbling up virus cells, and other pathogenic cells. Juice, smoothies, or blended soups allow you to get a ton of fruit and vegetables in to your system in a very efficient way, with enzymes, chlorophyll (oxygen for the blood), vitamins and minerals the body needs for optimal well-being.

I have food allergies, can I do this Plan?

Absolutely! This fast is perfect for anyone with gluten, wheat, or dairy allergies as I do not use any of these ingredients in the recipes. I also endeavour to keep most of the juices and smoothies as low GI as possible.

How much equipment do I need?

You will need a good sharp chef’s knife, cleaver, chopping board, peeler, a good blender, juicer (optional), a nut milk bag, and glass jars for storing your juices in. And of course a fridge / freezer.

How do I avoid detox reactions on this Plan?

You can help avoid major detox reactions by cutting down or out a week before you do the fast foods such as meat, dairy, sugar, wheat, processed foods, alcohol, coffee, chocolate, canned foods and packaged foods and making sure you drink lots of extra good quality filtered water during the week. I also give you detox tips and techniques on the fast.

What if I get hungry or cravings?

You may experience additional cravings to begin with as your body adapts to fasting. As soon as you get cravings, take a juice, smoothie or blended soup. As your fast progresses these cravings fall away. Hunger pangs may come up however as soon as you feel hungry you juice, take a smoothie or blended soup. The smoothies and blended soups really help keep the hunger pangs at bay.

What do I eat coming off the fast?

Coming off a fast correctly is most important, so I have prepared a 1 day meal plan for you so you know what to eat coming off the fast. You can extend this beyond the 1 Day and we give you plenty of tips on what to eat after the fast is over to ensure your digestion is optimised and you continue to feel great. Choosing the wrong foods to come off a fast with usually results in severe to mild discomfort, tummy pain, and indigestion, which we want to avoid at all costs!

Do I need supplements?

There are some detox supplements you will be required to purchase, these are easily found at health food stores and online.

What if I fall off the wagon or just can’t make it to Day 5?

Thats ok, forgive yourself, love yourself and be ok with it. I do recommend though to at least get to Day 3, as you will still experience the benefits for having fasted this long. And now you have the experience of what its like so you can feel more comfortable going into a fast in the future.

I work 9 to 5, how am I going to fast at work?

Make your juices or smoothies at home and bring them to work in a 1 or 2 litre mason screw top jar and place in the fridge. If you get caught short most local shops do offer juices or smoothies on their menu nowadays. Let your work colleagues know what you are doing for the week and ask for their support. You may be challenged by food smells especially during the first few days, whenever this triggers you get up and grab your juice and go and find a quiet place to drink your juice, revisit your intentions and even take a minute or 2 to go within and meditate, deep breaths and calm your mind. You can also grab a herbal tea or do something else or remove yourself from the challenging situation, go for a quick walk outside for instance.

Can I start at any time?

Yes! With this Plan you get to choose your start date, unless we are doing a group guided fast, in which case the date will be advertised on this page. We recommend maximum 3-4 days out from purchase as this gives you time to read the material, purchase any required supplements and get shopping for your first week of fasting!

What happens next?

After you click on any of the buttons on this page to purchase you will be asked to enter your credit card details, once you have done that and clicked to purchase, you will be re-directed to a thank you page on the website where you can download all the material and watch the videos. You will also receive a receipt from me in your In Box that also has all the files to download, so you can refer to this one over and over if you missed the downloads off the website thank you page). You will also receive a welcome email from me (check your spam and other folders) that has the link to access the Facebook Group Page.

I recommend you download all the files to your computer straight away for safe keeping.

If you are joining a Group Guided Fast get familiar with the material and prepare your self for kick off on the set date!

Can I juice fast while breastfeeding, or being pregnant, have diabetes or doing chemo or radiation treatment?

I don’t recommend you juice fast while breastfeeding, or while pregnant. I don’t recommend you attempt a juice fast while you have diabetes or undergoing cancer treatment. Please consult your naturopath or health care provider for a personalised treatment plan if you wish to look at holistic healing options or before deciding to embark on a juice fast.

Join the 5 Day Fast for Beginners + Optional Coconut Water Fast.

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