Raw Almond Bread

This raw almond bread recipe is a great substitute for your run of the mill loaf of bread or processed snack and is a nice way to avoid gluten. Even so called “healthy” bread or wheat free bread is often made with soy or rice flour, which are nutrient blockers and insulin spikers! And has most likely been cooked at high temperatures, destroying alot of nutrients.

Here’s what you’ll need for your raw almond bread recipe:

Approx 6 cups of almond pulp (defrosted) or any nut pulp (depending on your preference for nut milk). Hopefully you’ll be saving the pulp each time you make the raw almond milk and popping the pulp in the freezer. Approx 6 cups makes 2 sheets of rolled bread for the dehydrator.

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1/2 C hemp seeds

1/2 C flax meal

1C olive oil

2t himalayn sea salt

1 clove garlic – crushed

2T mixed italian herbs or any other dried herbs of your choice


Mix all ingredients together by hand in a large bowl until mixture comes together like a dough. If mixture is still too wet, add some more flax meal, alternatively if mixture is too dry, add some more olive oil. Place half the dough between two sheets of baking paper and roll out with a rolling pin. Try to get the thickness of your bread even and you want to aim for about 2-4mm thick. Remove top sheet of baking paper.

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Score through dough with a knife into even bread sized pieces and place (with bottom baking sheet still intact) onto a dehydrator tray and pop in dehydrator.

Repeat this process with the 2nd half of the mix.

Dehydrate at 57°C for one hour then turn down to 41°C and dehydrate for 8-10 hours until you have desired bread consistency.

If you don’t have a dehydrator set your oven to its lowest temperature setting (below 50°C) and bake with your oven door open for 6-8 hours or until you have desired bread consistency.

I love my raw almond bread loaded with avocado, finely sliced red onions, shredded basil, sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice!


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