Alchemy Holistic Is Rocking My Healing World

Alchemy Holistic Is Rocking My Healing World
It’s always a treat to be back in the womb in Ubud, Bali and while  here for my May Raw Food Retreat I wanted to check out the new holistic treatments available above Alchemy Cafe.

Alchemy Holistic was always my go-to for colonics while in Ubud but they have now extended their services to an amazing array of holistic practitioners and treatments, of which many of these treatments are unavailable in Australia.

deeper healingDeeper Healing

One of the many reasons I love to hold retreats in Ubud, is this place naturally facilitates transformations.

I get to upgrade here; while our retreat guests are detoxing and upgrading, I am right there alongside them doing the work too. Deepening a healing journey, healing old wounds, clearing out the junk that no longer serves, clearing hurts, and lower vibrational thoughts and feelings… there just isn’t room in my body anymore for them – they have to go!

The energy here can be intense and things always come up if you give it the space and setting to allow it to do so. 

Our retreats provide that setting – raw food, meditation, yoga, healing facilitators, a space to quieten, go within, ask, explore, learn, welcoming the space to get in touch with you and love you again. 

This is why it’s so important to tap into the amazing natural healing resources available in Ubud, to be supported and guided along the journey, as detoxing – and the thoughts, feelings and physical sensations that come along with it, can be a confusing time.

So, like a kid in a candy store I went shopping! Here’s what I got up to:


First stop was a colonic. I had arrived in Ubud, Bali with a touch of food poisoning thanks to a dodgy meal eating out in Sydney the night before I left. (That was a fun plane ride!).

The quickest way to support clearing any tummy bugs along with herbal supplements is, for me, enemas and colonics, with colonics being the Rolls Royce of treatments as it cleans the entire colon and removes toxic waste, reduces inflammation and allows the good bacteria to really flourish and do their job of keeping the bad guys (parasites, bad bacteria) out.

Colonics are also a crucial part of supporting any detox program or process, as they will help ease any detox reactions you might be experiencing, especially for those on a juice fast or doing 100% raw for a period of time. We had many of our retreat guests experience incredible results after just one or two colonics. Increased energy, better moods, feeling lighter and brighter, getting a new lease on life, mentally, physically and spiritually!

 Sally was my colon hydrotherapist on the day and she immediately made me feel welcome and at ease with the process. Even though I do colonics regularly it’s important to me that my therapist administering the treatment makes me feel comfortable and at ease and Sally ticked all the boxes.

She has a very caring and understanding nature and you can tell she just loves helping people. After just two treatments I was back to normal (no gas, flat tummy, all my energy back) and of course – tummy bug gone.

Ozone Treatments 


Ozone works by increasing oxygen in the body, it is sometimes called “activated oxygen” as it has three atoms of oxygen instead of the usual two we breathe.

It’s a powerful detoxifier, alkaliser, kills parasites, bad bacteria, candida and can zap cancer cells on contact, as they are destroyed by oxidation, the extra atom of oxygen is consumed and there is no bacteria or toxicity left, only oxygen. Ozone reverts back to oxygen after it is used.* The theory is diseases cannot flourish in a high oxygen environment in the body.

Hence perhaps why it’s illegal in Australia? The cancer industry is a billion dollar industry in Australia and any natural, safe alternative treatment option is potentially a major threat to the status quo.

Ozone can be administered in many different ways, for example; rectally, vaginally, as a steam sauna (through the skin), intravenously or it can be provided in filtered water for drinking.

I tried the rectal and vaginal ozone treatment.

Rectal ozone

Is best administered after an enema, colonic or bowel movement, and only takes 2 – 4 minutes to do so. Rectal ozone is administered through a silicone tube and it’s a very effective simple method as ozone is readily absorbed through the colon walls. It’s also purported to obtain higher ozone levels in the gut and liver. Therefore providing benefits for patients with gut and liver issues such as chronic hepatitis and chronic colitis.

Its completely painless and there were no side effects, except I did feel like I had some mild detox symptoms the next day. 

Vaginal ozone

Administered through a silicone tube inserted into the vagina, this one takes a little longer, about 10 minutes. I did have some interesting and amusing gas “bubbles” during the course of the treatment but the nurse assured me this is quite normal. After the treatment I did feel quite spacey – almost like being drunk, and the feeling centred around my head. It was kind of fun! Again I was assured this was quite normal. I did however, as a precaution’ not ride my scooter for about 20 minutes afterwards until the feeling cleared.

Vaginal ozone is said to help aid in healing old womb trauma, reduce PMS, regulates periods, help heal endometriosis, fibroids and more. I did experience a mild emotional detox in the following two days but it’s hard to say for sure whether this was from the vaginal ozone or the combination of my previous treatments.

I was definitely starting to shift some stuff and I knew this was the time for me to go deeper. I was ready to meet Dean Powell for a Beta Release treatment.

Beta Release

Beta Release is a is a physical alignment that balances the left and right lobes of the brain. It immediately takes the body out of inappropriate states of stress so the body’s natural energy flow can resume.

The consultation is only 15 minutes and is incredibly effective. Dean is quite intuitive and got to the core of my issues very quickly and we focused on these while he guided me through what would happen during the beta release.

It involves physical re-alignment of the body, not dissimilar to a chiropractic adjustment. The beta release takes only seconds and involves adjusting the head, left and right, arms and legs. I had a strong emotional release and then felt very tired afterwards.

This feeling was due to massive amounts of stress leaving my body, I realised how much I had been running on adrenaline!

It’s super important to honour the body at this time so I went home, had a massage and went to bed early and had a very deep sleep.

 I liken emotional detox to stirring up the silt, sand and mud that sits at the bottom of a still pond.

All of these treatments were stirring up the silt, sand and mud and I could feel all those hurts, fear, anger, suppressed emotions starting to rise to the surface now, the feelings were becoming quite strong and once again I tapped into a further treatment with Dean and his quantum shift session, which was incredibly enlightening and empowering and really helped me see my “stories” in a completely different light.

In just 90 minutes I felt I had some major emotional breakthroughs on some issues and we managed to turn those negative experiences into major positives.

Spiritual Healing 


Lastly I met with Devi Ma – a wonderful spiritual healer.

As the week progressed, strong irrational and emotional thoughts were coming up now. It’s possible through having a weak auric field, to pick up entities of which you are the welcoming host, or another way I like to look at what comes up with emotional or physical detoxing, is all the lower vibrational feelings, thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations that no longer work in a higher vibrational body get shaken up and stirred up in the pond as the higher vibrational body wants them gone. But this time it’s like a tsumani and without doing the work, colonics, and tapping into healing treatments, it’s easy to become used to feeling irritable, irrational, angry, negative, insecure or to live in fear.

When we cleanse the body emotionally and physically our vibration is high, our thoughts are pure, we are optimistic and happy. We are at full power!

I was so ready to be in that space.

Devi is a multi dimensional sound Shamanic healer, psychic Akashic reader, past life regression therapist, ascended master channel, Reiki master/teacher, yoga, breathwork facilitator. Devi works with the blue print of your soul to support you to live your life’s purpose by clearing past life contracts, belief systems, memories and patterns that are keeping you separate from your true self.

Devi’s treatment goes for an hour and you lie on the table during this time while she works on healing your auric field. This is done with song, sounds and sometimes conversation as she speaks to the higher realms. As I lay on the table I would sometimes feel emotions come to the surface, there would be tears, sighs, muscle twitches. The feeling as lower vibrational energy leaves the body can vary in intensity for everyone.

At the end of the treatment Devi will explain to you the messages she was getting from the higher realms, and of course all of it was very bang on, to what I was experiencing in my life and what I had been experiencing. She also passes on messages on how to manage all the changes that have occurred during the session for the future.

One big message for me was I must meditate every day! And funnily enough, that is the one thing I knew deep down in my sub conscious that I need to do to keep me present, stress free and serving my higher purpose. 

After the treatment I still felt slightly heavy in my body but that slowly cleared and the next day I seriously felt like I had been re-born.

My thoughts, feelings, emotions were clear. I was present and grounded, beaming with confidence and love.

Its now been two weeks since I’ve been back in Sydney and although some of little niggly negative thoughts are still there they don’t really bother me like they used to.

I feel super strong and confident I am well and truly on my spiritual path and can’t wait to get back to Ubud to do more, deeper work.

And of course to give my retreat guests the opportunity to do such rewarding healing work with these special people too. Oh, and I am finally making the effort to meditate. Every day. Amen to that.

I would love to hear from you! What is your experience of your emotional, physical detox journey? Did you tap into healers at home or abroad? Perhaps you have an experience in Ubud, Bali that you would like to share? If so we would love to hear from you in the comments section below!

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Amanda and The Raw Food Kitchen Team.