5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Juice Fasting. Science Proves It.


Fasting is the key to health

If you’ve ever struggled with food cravings, energy levels, niggly healthy issues, bloat or weight that just won’t shift, skin, sleep or mood issues this article on ‘5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Juice Fasting. Science Proves It’ is for you!

There are now even some scientific studies coming out on juice fasting that show significant improvement in mood and gut microbiotica after fasting, and that the entire immune system can be reset in just 3 days of fasting!

My fasting journey

I first discovered fasting as a way to heal from my Systemic Candida, but what I experienced on my first ever fast was so much more than that.

My moods and my body felt lighter, I was experiencing the best health I had ever experienced, my mind was clear and I had a renewed focus for my healing journey and my life.

The fear is real!

But, fasting can put a lot of fear into people. The thought of not eating all day can be scary! All those attachments to food, the enjoyment we seek from it every day – well, what if that disappears and we don’t have anything to look forward to?!

I know those fears certainly came up for me, and what I discovered was that, they were all made up stories in my mind! Oh how our minds love to play games with us.

I discovered that with the right combination of juices, smoothies and blended soups I could easily fast all day without feeling hungry or craving certain foods. And reap the benefits of fasting.

So what are they?

Here are my top 5:

1. Slays cravings

Doing a juice fast is like hitting a reset button on all your cells. And that means wiping the slate clean on cell memory. All those attachments to those addictive foods, wheat, dairy, sugar, chocolate fall away. And let me tell you – it’s so nice not to be driven by thoughts sending me to the fridge or pantry every couple of hours!

2. Improves digestion

One of the biggest benefits of fasting is that we are not eating, thereby giving our body a break from digestion and this then gives it time to heal and regenerate, particularly the colon wall which is generally under a lot of stress with daily food choices and lifestyle factors, creating weakened gut linings, poor digestion and assimilation.

So when the body has time to repair, be sure it’s repairing and strengthening the colon too, helping to strengthen your digestive powers!

3. Helps improve liver function

Doing a juice fast helps to cleanse the liver and helps it produce better, more efficient bile. This means your body can flush toxins and break down fat more efficiently. It also makes those precious nutrients more available to your body and reduces strain on your immune system. Toilet trips improve and you become better overall at eliminating toxins. Bonus – it’s easier for you to maintain your optimal weight too!

4. Cleans up rogue cells, & creates new healthy cells

The most prominent effect of fasting is an increase in autophagy, a self-cleansing process at a cellular level.

During autophagy the body removes damaged and aging proteins, organelles such as mitochondria, and efficiently keeps up cellular housekeeping by removing and replacing damaged parts.

When we eat, the autophagy process all but stops. Fasting for periods of time activates it.

5. Easy weight loss

A lot of fat on our bodies is actually stored toxicity. It can also show up as puffiness or bloating. Our bodies are intelligent! All toxicity gets pushed away from essential organs and organ function, into areas of the body which stores fat for the toxins to be ‘housed’. Over time any toxicity in the body is going to cause damage so we want those toxins out!

Fasting is an easy way for you to start tapping into weight loss. Why? As your body receives the signal to heal, it will release all toxicity from the body so it can be safely eliminated. And as the toxins get released, so do you too, lose any excess weight that has been stored as toxicity.

So if that isn’t enough to convince you, what is?!

If you find yourself coming up with excuses to NOT do a fast to improve your health & energy, I invite you to do some self enquiry around where that resistance is coming from.

1. Are the excuses really real?

2. How is that mind chatter going to help serve you in the best possible way to achieving your health goals?

These questions might help you find your answer.

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