Why Gut Health Is Important

Why Gut Health Is Important

Why Gut Health Needs To Be Your EVERYTHING!

Gut Issues are an epidemic these days and it’s no surprise when we look at how our modern diet and lifestyle is detrimental to having thriving good bacteria that protect and support us in our gut.

Without these good guys in the correct ratio in our gut we are open to a whole host of issues and diseases.

Therefore, symptoms are wide and varied: Gas, bloating, irregular or unsatisfying toilet trips, skin issues, leaky gut, auto-immune issues, and other diagnosed gut conditions are pretty common these days. Not only that, having imbalanced gut flora or poor gut health can cause weight gain, food cravings, depression, and other neurological disorders.

Why has gut health become such a big deal?

  • There’s a direct correlation between an increase in gut issues since pasteurisation, eating denatured foods, crop spraying (pesticides / fungicides), GMO foods and overuse of antibiotics as these have become the main stay in society. Gut health is also inherited generationally.
  • Pasteurisation is used to make foods “safer”, have a long shelf life and a consistent taste.
  • Pasteurisation destroys all the good bacteria, precious enzymes that help the body digest food as well as kills off vitamins and minerals.
  • Anything purchased in a can, bottle, tetra pak, packet has generally been denatured, heated, pasteurised = dead food. Dead food = dead bodies!
  • Add to that our daily stressors, stimulants and daily addictions – coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs, vaccinations, our gut = immune system is really taking a beating.

This is why gut health needs to be your EVERYTHING!


​Working on healing your gut, creating a strong healthy gut is like building a really solid healthy foundation for your house, as without that foundation you have a very unstable house and will suffer from ill health.

How do you determine where you’re gut health is currently at?

​Can you answer YES to any of these questions –

  • Do you experience bloating after eating?
  • Are you often times moody, irritable and tired?
  • Do you struggle to lose weight?
  • Do you eat a standard diet that is mostly cooked, with wheat, dairy, meat?
  • Do you regularly drink alcohol?
  • Do you experience some level of stress on a daily basis?
  • Ever taken antibiotics, steroids, proton pump inhibitors?
  • Currently experience leaky gut, IBS, gut dysbiosis, Chron’s, IBD, candida, heartburn, indigestion, or other diagnosed gut condition?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions you are most likely experiencing imbalanced gut health and poor gut flora.

Here are some interesting gut health facts –

  • 80% of our immune system resides in our gut. Check out this scientific research paper here on how gut microbiome affects the immune system.
  • We are 90% bacteria, 10% human. There are more bacterial cells than human cells in our bodies so it makes a lot of sense to understand how to look after our bacteria!
  • The vagus nerve connects the gut to brain, the gut is host to 100 million neurons and 90% of this communication is actually from the gut to the brain, not the other way around. Food for thought huh?
  • A healthy gut will keep pathogens at bay IF the gut flora is in the correct balance, approximately 75% good bacteria, 15% bad bacteria. (I love this stat as it’s almost like the 80/20 rule of eating, and a similar percentage of how much water is in our bodies and the planet!).
  • Other diseases you may not think would be associated with imbalanced gut flora and ill gut health – Lung disease, colon cancer and other cancers, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, allergies, food intolerances, anxiety, Autism, Parkinson’s.

So how do we get optimal gut health?

Try the Clean, Seed, Feed principle.

It’s so simple!

  1. Clean out the colon of pathogens, bad bacteria – detox, colonics, enemas while giving the digestive system a rest.
  2. Seed with good bacteria, fermented foods, gut healing herbs.
  3. Feed with plant based foods – pre and probiotic rich foods that support an optimal and long term gut health environment.

If you are serious about healing and creating a strong healthy gut foundation using these principles, I invite you to check out my 4 Week Gut Makeover Program.

This in depth Program leads you step by step through the Clean, Seed, Feed principles so you can experience healing your gut with delicious, gut healing recipes and herbs, in a supported environment over the 4 weeks with me.


Not ready to dive in just yet? Check out this article here on extra tips on keeping your gut health in check. 


Ready to add in fermenting foods successfully to help you on your gut loving journey?

Check out The Complete Fermentation Kit here to get you started.


Much raw <3


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