Top 5 Activated Charcoal Products You Need To Try

activated charcoal australiaSometimes, great benefits come from things you don’t expect to be valuable. One good example is charcoal. While most people would recognise it as the coal in their barbecue grill, there is a special kind of charcoal that provides a ton of benefits. This is commonly referred to as activate charcoal.

Unlike ordinary charcoal, activated charcoal has more minerals and substances that can be used for other things aside from grilling. The good news is that everyone can make activated charcoal, although it is a tiresome task. In case you are interested in trying how this works, here are the top activated charcoal products for you to try:

  1. Activated charcoal gift pack – The activated charcoal gift pack is the ultimate health and hygiene kit. Like other promos, getting the entire gift pack is much cheaper than purchasing all of the included items separately. This gift pack consists of whitening toothpastes, activated charcoal face masks, and an activated charcoal toothbrush.
  2. Warpaint natural teeth whitener – Warpaint is probably among the most popular brands when it comes to teeth whitening using activated charcoal. It uses coconut husks as the key ingredient to the activated charcoal and adds other substances to boost flavor and provide additional benefits to oral health. Just a quick search online will already yield results of positive reviews, feedback and testimonials on how Warpaint effectively whitens their teeth.
  3. My magic mud peppermint toothpaste – My Magic Mud uses the same philosophy as Warpaint, and provides the same benefits of whitening and cleaning teeth. In addition, this activated charcoal powder can also deeply clean the mouth, remove toxins, reduce teeth sensitivity, and leave a fresh breath. What’s great about it is that for an 85ml container, you can use My Magic Mud 150 times.
  4. Activated charcoal powder – Activated charcoal powder has a lot of uses. It may be used in teeth whitening, facial cleansing and even as an oral gargle. However, for many decades, activated charcoal has been known as a combatant against poisoning, and drug overdose. People who accidentally ingested too much drugs, or were food poisoned can take one or two capsules of activated charcoal to cleanse their digestive tract.
  5. Activated charcoal face mask – Similar to how activated charcoal can take away the toxins and tannins from the teeth, the activated charcoal face mask can also take away any deep-seated dirt within your pores. The surface of activated charcoal is very porous, which allows it to absorb any substances on your face that soap cannot take away.

These are just five of the most popular products that have activated charcoal as their primary ingredient. As you can see, most of them are personal hygiene items that provide health benefits.

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