How I Keep My Gut Healthy While Travelling

Hello from Bali!

For those of you who have been following for me a while know about my love for Bali.

But not the Bali belly!

I used to get food poisoning so often when I was here it nearly almost always ruined by holiday. ☹

How I Keep My Gut Healthy While Travelling:

SO it wasn’t until I started really paying attention to my gut health, and really cleaning it up, clearing out the toxins, eating foods that support good gut bacteria, and introducing fermented foods and other unique pro-biotics.

And in this blog I am going to share with you what my essentials are now when travelling to ensure I avoid hugging the toilet while on holiday.

If you love to travel like me, or you’re a digital nomad this information is going to be a game changer.

Remember – keeping the digestive system tip top is crucial to avoid the dreaded “traveller’s belly.”

  1. Setting Up for Success: The Essentials

The first thing I do upon arriving at a new destination is head to a local grocery store to stock up on vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds.

Additionally, I set up my fermentation kit, which I always travel with.

This might seem a little unconventional but I think about this as health insurance in a kit, and after dealing with poor gut health during travels in the past, and never wanting to go there again, this is an essential travel item for me.

I also pack a flat cutting mat, a knife, and some pink salt to ensure I can prepare my food and a basic Sauerkraut whether I am in a hotel room or Air BnB.

If mason jars are available at my destination, I skip packing them to save space in my luggage, although they’re handy for storing small items during travel.

  1. Fermentation on the Go

Having these homemade, gut-friendly foods makes a significant difference to my gut health, especially if I am in a country where it’s harder to source fermented foods.

It also gives me the confidence to try all the new cuisines and flavours without the fear of digestive issues.

  1. Homemade Cashew Yogurt

Another essential I make is a homemade yogurt. I use a simple method that doesn’t require complicated processes as the kit equipment does most of the work.

Having a few spoonfuls of cashew yoghurt in the morning before heading out ensures I get my daily dose of probiotics.

Cashew yogurt is my favorite, as cashews are readily available in most places.

If you haven’t grabbed my Cashew Yoghurt recipe yet head HERE!

  1. The Power of Sacchromyces Boullardii

Now you may not have heard of this pro-biotic before but let me tell you this one really is an essential!

Saccharomyces boulardii, is a probiotic yeast that helps prevent the bad bugs adhering to your stomach, helps prevent food poisoning and supports gut health.

I discovered its benefits after a bout of food poisoning (from a five-star restaurant in Bali mind you).

Doubling the dose helped me recover within half a day, making it an indispensable part of my travel routine.

Enjoying Trying All The New Cuisines with Confidence

With a bit of pre-planning and effort, maintaining gut health while traveling becomes easy.

It allows me to enjoy local cuisines without worrying about running to the toilet half an hour later.

Or hugging the toilet for days while all your friends are out enjoying the holiday.

Whether it’s making sauerkraut, yogurt, & taking probiotics – especially Sacchromyces Boullardi, these practices ensure my gut stays happy and healthy no matter where I am travelling to.

Your Turn!

Do you have a routine to maintain your gut health while traveling?

If not, I hope this blog is your inspiration for you to adopt a gut-friendly travel protocol.

If you’ready to grab one of my fermentation kits (aka health insurance in a kit), they are available for purchase on my Amazon Store HERE.

They love to travel so they look forward to exploring new destinations with you!

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Much raw <3

And happy travelling!



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