Amanda’s Top Tips for Staying Raw over Xmas

Xmas Pudding

You won’t have to panic at the thought of how to make it through all the parties, snacking, nibbling, cooking, entertaining, food gifts, meat eating and weight gain, if you are PREPARED. These top tips will make it easier for you to stay healthy and avoid that sick, bloated feeling after over-indulging.

Here are my Top Tips for Staying Raw over Xmas:

• If you stick to your mostly raw diet with a few treats in-between you won’t feel like you are missing out.

• My rule is the good ol’ 80/20 rule, 80% good, 20% bad, you can drill that down to what goes on your plate too, 80% alkaline, 20% acid (ie 80% salad or veges with 20% protein, ie xmas ham or turkey).

• As the New Year approaches you have plenty of opportunity to grow stronger in your convictions about your loving path toward optimal health, by way of a raw lifestyle, all year long. Set some goals for the new year and write them down.

• Find some great raw xmas recipes, make them and have ready for the day to ensure there are plenty of healthy options on the table next to stuffing, ham and roast potatoes! Oh and the pavlova (a famous tradition in our household – I must come up with a raw version!), trifle and xmas cake.

• Try out a few nut loaf recipes. They make a great substitue for the meat component on Xmas day. You could even make a mushroom or tahini sauce to go with the nut loaf.

• There are loads of salads and marinated vege recipes you could also incorporate into the mix, and you could make some raw chocolate dipped strawberries for dessert or a raw chocolate pudding – click here for a raw chocolate pudding recipe.

• Make some spiced mixed nuts to snack on, or some kale chips for nibbles.

• Having fermented vegetables to serve as a condiment will also work wonders for digestion – especially if you and your guests have over-indulged! These also help, if taken on a daily basis, with food and sweet cravings.

• Having some Kombucha or Coconut Kefir on hand to drink along with your mocktails will see you avoiding the bloat and weight gain and staying healthy. If you really have to have that champagne you could even make a kefir or kombucha spritzer with it. Halve the guilt and collateral damage!

• Have a green smoothie for brekky before the festivities and the following morning. Keep sipping on fresh filtered water at all times. This will help you stay hydrated and keep the food cravings at bay.

• Don’t beat yourself up mentally. Try not to lecture yourself over any slip-ups, or food mistakes made during the xmas break. Love yourself completely and abundantly. Be kind to yourself.

• Meditate. Take a long deep breath, remembering why you went raw in the first place. Reconnect with those reasons.

• Educate yourself during the holidays with all the raw food information you can find, so you can intelligently inform your friends and family of all the reasons you are committed to staying raw. Stock up some great raw eBooks to help you stay motivated. Or book a raw food class for the new year to get you inspired.

• Make a point to share your raw food treats with your family and friends now and everywhere you go during the break and beyond. Don’t be afraid to show you care deeply about your health and your future, so let everyone know it.  Lets hope your raw enthusiasm catches on, especially when they see how much you glow with good health!

Remember to make raw food fun. Check out all our raw food recipes for great ideas to make your raw food diet amazing!