8 Reasons to Love Chia

Here are my Top 8 Reasons to Love Chia:

1. Chia has more Omega 3’s than Atlantic Salmon. Plus you know you are getting pure unadulterated Omega 3’s. No anti-biotics and pink dye used here!

2. High in fibre and easily digestable.

3. Detoxifier. Chia acts like an intestinal broom to help sweep toxins out of your body.

4. It is a complete protein, containing all the essential amino acids.

5. Has more calcium than milk.

6. High in anti-oxidants.

7. Gluten free.

8. Reduces cravings, and balances blood sugar levels.

There are many more amazing reasons to love chia, and one of them is because these seeds are so versatile! You can soak them in water along with some of your favourite ingredients to make a delicious chia pudding or breakfast, add them into smoothies or sauces to thicken up your dish, or make them into crackers.

For example for brekky you could soak 1/2C chia seeds in 2C water with 2T acai powder and 3 drops stevia overnight. In a seperate bowl, soak 1C of mixed nuts and seeds according to their respective soaking times, along with 1/2C goji berries. In the morning blend half of the mixed nuts with 1/4C almond milk, then add in rest of the nuts, chia seeds, goji berries and stir. Serve with extra almond milk, cinnamon and extra sweetener if you prefer.

Or you could make a chocolate based pudding by substituting the acai with cacao, and throwing a banana in. Yum! See – options are endless!

Today I am going to give you my Chia, and sprouted Quinoa crackers recipe (as pictured), because I think these have to be the healthiest crackers around, packed with nutrition, and totally gluten free, as well as yummy, use these crackers as a base to build your favourite toppings with.

For the Chia & Sprouted Quinoa Crackers recipe click here