3 reasons why fermented foods will help you through any food shortage crisis

Fermented Foods

In this blog, find out the 3 reasons why fermented foods will help you through any food shortage.

With recent global events, many of us are concerned about food shortages, and rightly so.

Supply chain issues, war, crazy weather and rising inflation have all contributed to food shortages in some way all over the world.

Now more than ever, people are looking at ways to have a supply of dry goods at home that can last for months as well as learn old crafts such as canning and fermenting to preserve foods.



1. Fermenting preserves the food

Before the fridge was invented, most villages and towns used fermenting as a way of preserving food to keep it from going off. Traditionally the village would make a huge batch of various ferments, place in crock pots and bury under ground for many months, then they would dig up the ferments and use these as staples to keep themselves healthy and happy during times when food was scarce.

So why not set aside a day, and make a batch of ferments using in season veges, and once fermented, store in the fridge or a cool room so you can have a stockpile of healthy, tasty vegetables on hand for whenever you need it, just like the villagers did in the olden days.


2. Bonus gut loving health benefits

Fermented foods and vegetables contain higher levels of all the vitamins from it’s unfermented version and provides increased levels of anti-oxidants and enzymes that all help boost the immune system, detox the body, and provide a ton of good bacteria. Just 1/2 cup of Sauerkraut has 10 trillion good bacteria.

It also pre-digests your food, so any proteins, fats, carbs are much easier to digest as well as reduces anti-nutrients in the food. This is perfect for anyone who is going through or needs to heal gut issues.

It’s incredibly powerful for crowding out bad bacteria and other fungi in the gut and helps establish a healthy gut lining and a good bacteria to bad ratio. 


3. Saves you money

Buying a jar of raw, unpasteurised Sauerkraut in a health food store can set you back $15-$20. But make it at home and you are looking at approx $3-$4 depending on how much a head of cabbage costs at the time (even cheaper if you grow your own veges). A good sized head of cabbage can usually make 2 x 32 oz (1L) jars of Sauerkraut, so it’s a total no brainer to start doing your own fermented foods at home. 

Plus have our Fermentation Starter Kit and Top Up Pack to make your ferments with, and you also eliminate the worry and fuss of mold and waste as it creates a successful ferment for you every time. 

Don’t forget too, there are soooo many things you can ferment at home that are just not vegetable based. Fermentation is easy to do with cheeses – and plant based versions of these too, yoghurts, milks, kefir, fruits for long term food preservation.


Start today!

Now is a great time to be starting your fermentation journey, it’s so easy to do once you know how, and it’s such a good feeling, knowing that if any food shortage crisis do happen or happen to get worse, you have a suite of delicious fermented foods that will see you through any challenging times (and keep your gut healthy as well!).


Fermentation Kits are available to take the guess work out for you.

Head to our Amazon Store to find out which Fermentation Kit is best for you. Each kit comes with unique fermentation lids that take the worry of an unsuccessful or moldy ferment out of the equation! 

After purchase you’ll also get access to The Culture Hub Club where there is ongoing support, sharing of recipes, tips and more.

Yes please, I’m ready to get started fermenting successfully!

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