The Truth About Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome with Enemas

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), is a condition which causes recurring discomfort or pain in the stomach as well as changes in bowel habits. While the condition can affect people at any age, first symptoms typically occur as early as 15 years of age.

Women have a higher likelihood of getting IBS than men, and 1 in 7 Australians experience symptoms of IBS.

Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Common symptoms of IBS are abdominal pain or discomfort, and changes in one’s bowel habits. The pain can vary from mild to severe and can get worse by eating. Pain generally occurs at a particular time of the day. Clearing the bowels and passing wind provides some immediate relief.

Most people will find that one symptom; whether it is pain, diarrhoea or constipation occur more often than the others.

Faeces of people with IBS can vary from watery and loose to pellet-like and hard.

The menstrual cycle can also have an impact on when the pain occurs in women.

Other symptoms are nausea, excess wind, backache, bladder problems, indigestion and tiredness.

Although the exact cause of irritable bowel syndrome is not known, it can be due to a combination of factors such as genetic make-up, frequent and strong contractions of muscles lining the bowel and sensitivity to gas in the bowel.

Stress is a major factor which triggers IBS and the symptoms can get worse after consuming specific food or drink such as coffee, tea and fatty food. Symptoms can worsen with the use of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and other medications.

The symptoms of IBS are similar to those of other bowel conditions such as endometriosis, Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis. For an accurate assessment, it is advisable to schedule a visit to a General Practitioner, who may recommend a colonoscopy to rule out other serious conditions. Relying on Google for a diagnosis isn’t recommended.

Enemas – Your Ally in Treating IBS Naturally

IBS is primarily a disorder of the large intestine or colon. The colon reabsorbs water and nutrients, while eliminating toxic waste through regular bowel movements. When the colon does not function properly, residual toxins cause the colon to harden, preventing nutrient absorption.

Colon cleansing helps in getting rid of toxins and hardened fecal matter accumulated in the colon. It removes pathogens and promotes the growth of good bacteria. This promotes normal and regular bowel movements which help in easing the symptoms of IBS.

An increasingly popular method of colon cleansing is coffee enemas.

From the late 1970s to early 1980s, researchers in the Lee Wattenberg laboratory identified palmitic acids salts, cafestol palmitate and kahweol, in coffee. These salts enhance glutathione S-transferase, an important liver enzyme, which plays an important role in the detoxification system. It binds with toxins in the colon, preparing them to be easily carried out.

Caffeine is a mild stimulant for the central nervous system, and coffee enemas can dilate bile ducts. This facilitates toxic waste breakdown by the liver. Administered rectally, caffeine increases the bile flow and detoxifies the enzyme systems.

Getting rid of toxins improves the efficiency of the liver which no longer has to work extra hard to clear waste build-up. Normally bile is reabsorbed 9 to 10 times, before getting extracted through the faeces. The chloretic action of coffee enema restricts reabsorption of the toxic bile and is a safe way to detoxify the bloodstream through the existing enzyme systems in the small bowel and liver.

While the origin of enemas dates back to ancient times, in the 1920’s German scientists discovered that a coffee enema caused bile ducts in the body to dilate and stimulate secretion of bile. Later, Dr Max Gerson, incorporated coffee enemas in his pioneering treatment of cancer and received positive results. Dr. William Kelley also used coffee enemas when treating himself for pancreatic cancer, and was impressed with the results.

Nowadays even celebrities have begun using coffee enemas for cleansing their colon. With a growing interest in organic treatment, coffee enemas are gaining in popularity to treat IBS.

Where You Can Buy Your Coffee Enemas

To begin your IBS treatment in the comfort and privacy of your home, you will require a good quality coffee enema kit. While these may not be available at your local pharmacy or health store, you can easily order one from an online store. Your Coffee Enema Kit, complete with coffee solution, will be despatched to your home or preferred address within 24 hours.

Aside from providing relief from ISB, with regular use you will notice an appreciable difference in your health. Your energy levels will increase and you’ll feel a youthful exuberance, which you haven’t felt in years.

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