Sweet treats without the guilt

Is sugar so bad that you have to get rid of it completely from your diet? Well, according to media reports, eating sugar is unhealthy and addictive. However, this is not the complete picture.

If you eat food that is natural and nourishing, does it matter if you indulge in something sweet now and then? For someone who eats lots of fruits and vegetables, and has an active lifestyle with a fair amount of physical activity, should eating desserts once in a while be considered a health risk?

No. Eating too much sugar is bad but eating something sweet in moderation isn’t. Most of us can understand, believe and agree on this. The so-called sugar detox programmes that nutrition experts are promoting need not be the only solution to the sugar conundrum or even the right one. Why? Going completely sugar-free may not be a practical solution for many.

Why risk bingeing on sugar?

Is it really necessary to stop eating sugar or any kind of sweets or desserts? No, because all things sweet are not bad. Also, eliminating sugar completely from your diet is easier said than done.

Taking a drastic step and trying to quit sugar completely may even backfire. Just like any deprivation-diet, a sudden loss of sugar can cause mood swings, make a person lose their resolve and lead them to go on a sweet eating binge. Wouldn’t this be counter-productive and unhealthy?

Instead of stopping sugar, how about making some sensible choices in the kind of sweet treats which you will eat? Eating sweets in moderation could be the more practical solution and a realistic and achievable one for many.

Everything that is sweet is not unhealthy. Refined white sugar is definitely something you should try to give up. However, there are many other sweeter and safer alternatives.

Go for a sweet treat instead of bitter defeat.

Trying to abstain from anything that’s sweet altogether could be difficult. Instead choose the kind of sweet delights that you know are sourced naturally.

Indulging in the right kind of sweet treats in moderation can be easier and a smarter way to stay healthy. Enjoy what you crave, eat what you like but take care that it has natural and nourishing ingredients. Also, exercise regularly and maintain a balanced approach to food.

Consider Cocofrio and its guilt-free approach to making ice creams. Cocofrio ice creams are dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. They are made with coconut milk and other natural and organic ingredients such as nuts, coffee and raw cacao. Cocofrio ice creams use brown rice malt syrup as a sweetener instead of refined sugar, which demonstrates its fructose-friendly and vegan-friendly commitment to a healthy way of living and eating.

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