Mini Chocolate Cheesecakes!

These are a perfect treat size so absolutely no guilt. And they taste divine!

Ingredients Crust:

1/2C pecans
  • 1/2C hazelnuts
  • 4 medjool dates
  • 2T shredded coconut
  • 1T cacao
  • 1t vanilla extract
  • pinch mixed spice
  • pinch himalayan crystal salt

Method for crust:

Put all ingredients in a food processor except cacao and combine until breadcrumb like. Add cacao and pulse till mixed through. Mix should stick. Press into base of 24 piece mini muffin pan. Place in fridge while you make the filling.

Filling ingredients:


2C raw cashews
  • 1/2C water
  • 1/2C maple syrup or sweetener of your choice
  • 2t vanilla extract
  • 1t dark chocolate extract (optional)
  • 2T raw cacao
  • 1/2C coconut oil (warmed till liquid)
  • pinch himalayan crystal salt

Method for filling:

Add all ingredients to the blender except for the liquid coconut oil and cacao. Blend ingredients until creamy then add the cacao and coconut oil and blend until well combined. Pour into muffin pan and freeze for about 3 hours. Before serving place in fridge for 30 minutes and decorate with your favourite topping. This could be goji berries, shredded coconut, chopped walnuts or chocolate sauce! Enjoy :)