Plan Based Mojo Manual

Why Start With The Plant Based Mojo Manual?

  1. You want to make some easy, healthy changes to your eating habits but without deprivation.
  2. You want to kick the food cravings, get back your energy & reconnect to your body again.
  3. You're needing some support & guidance on how to tackle things such as eating with the family, prep in the kitchen & shopping on a budget.
  4. You want to know more about detoxing and gut health, as you know these are key areas to kick start renewed health and well-being.
  5. You want to get the foundations right to making a body, mind transformation a success.
  6. You want some more yummy, simple, delicious plant based recipes to try!

What's Inside The Plant Based Mojo Manual?

• In this magical manual we lay the foundations on how to set yourself up for long term joy with plant based eating, so you can avoid rookie errors and failures.

• Learn about the power of intention setting as we work together on creating fully aligned intentions for you to help pull you forward to achieving your health goals.

• You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the importance of detox and why gut health plays a key part in your plant based healing journey.

• I’ll give you the first key steps to learning how to re-connect to your body so you can make healthy food choices now and in the future.

• Learn how to navigate sometimes tricky areas when making a transformation, such as eating with family and shopping on a budget.

• More delicious, easy, plant based recipes for you to try!

I guide you through 6 easy steps to a new YOU!


What Can I Experience With The Plant Based Mojo Manual?

  1. Trust in yourself again that you ARE capable of achieving your health goals.
  2. Confidence in making changes and creating new, yummy, healthy recipes.
  3. Excitement about what's possible for you, your body and mind eating this way.
  4. Experiencing first hand how good you feel, mentally & physically on plant based foods.
  5. Knowledge and a deeper understanding of what it means to be truly healthy!
  6. You'll fall in love with plant based mojo magic. ;)

Here's How You Can Get Your Plant Based Mojo Manual

• Click on the big red button below and pop in your details to purchase.

• Once purchased you will receive an email from me (The Raw Food Kitchen) to download your eBook.

• Make sure you check your SPAM folder and other folders, especially if you are on Gmail, as Gmail loves to file things away!

• Print off your eBook and start digesting and absorbing and putting into action the 6 Easy Steps to a New You!

• Keep an eye out for more emails from me as I guide and support you along your yummy 6 step journey to eating and getting your plant based mojo on!

The First Step To Change Starts With YOU!


Just 6 Easy Steps To A New You!

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