My Health Gains When I Started Eating Fermented Foods

How to improve gut health

My Health Gains When I Started Eating Fermented Foods

I know I bang on about how amazing fermented foods are for health and maybe I bang on about it too much. It’s so easy to tune out when you have your health.

But when you are sick – you will do anything to get better again and try anything to heal. So when I was at my low point and I heard about fermented foods and how it can help increase good bacteria in the gut (because I had none after years of taking antibiotics & having an unhealthy lifestyle) my ears pricked up.

Hello Systemic Candida

I had been gluten and dairy intolerant for a long time, suffered from IBS for as long as I can remember, and when I got Systemic Candida, I couldn’t eat anything without getting blown up like a balloon, get burning pains in my stomach, I had terrible constipation and insomnia. Then along came leaky gut too! That was the icing on the cake because then came acne, headaches, brain fog, joint pain, weight gain & chronic inflammation.

I started to eat more raw vegan and add in fermented foods.

I found a few sauerkraut recipes and made one or jars to start with. At first I didn’t like the taste! It was so foreign to me.. yet I knew I had to learn to love it so I tricked it up by mixing into a guacamole & having it on crackers, & a pinch of pink salt. THAT I loved!

Then my body got a taste for it, almost CRAVING it! I got a bit carried away actually and started eating too much and experienced die-off / detox reactions, where my symptoms of bloating and tummy pain kind of got worse for a few days before getting better..

Then I got better than ever! My bloating went down, my moods improved, I was pooping like a trooper & sleeping through the night! My skin started to clear up and I felt less headaches & joint pain.

Every day I ate Sauerkraut. Religiously.

I turned into a fermenting freak and was in the kitchen every week trying out new fermentation recipes and experimenting with yoghurt & cultured plant based cheeses too!

The health gains I got simply from adding in fermented foods into my every day were huge, my food intolerance healed too to the point where I could eat some gluten & dairy with a fermented food without any issues. And of course my Candida went away.

Fermented Foods played a big part in me being able to turn a corner in my healing journey.

Which is why today I still eat Sauerkraut or some form of fermented food every day.

There are so many benefits to eating fermented foods. Increase bio-availability of the food that is fermented (think superfoods like brassica / cruciferous veges, turmeric, ginger, garlic, lemon etc!), strengthens immune system, increases good bacteria, detoxifies, kills off pathogens, improves mood, balances blood sugar, weight, pre-digests food, lowers inflammation, improves digestion, and so much more!

So I want you to know if you have gut issues or feel less than fab, you can heal and fermented foods can really help!

Give fermented foods a go. At the very least you will be introducing pro-biotic rich foods into your diet and your immune system and gut will thank you for that for sure!

If you’re ready to get started but want a complete fail safe, mold free ferment, check out my Complete Fermentation Starter Kit. It comes with mason jars, special vacuum seal lids that are no mess, no fuss & a pump for a fail safe ferment, plus cute jar stickers & a recipe book with exclusive fermentation recipes & user guide included! Available on Amazon USA.

Ready to put fermented foods into practise for your own health gains? I have lots more fermented food recipes, instructions and guidance on how to get started, make and continue this incredible way of keeping you and your body healthy, in my 4 Week Gut Makeover Program and my Every Day Healthy Course. 

Happy Fermenting! <3

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