May I Be Frank

Last night my partner and I watched a new documentary from the Natural News channel and we loved it so much I wanted to share it with you.

It’s the inspiring story of how a big, loud Sicilian man from Brooklyn, NY named Frank Ferrante met a couple of guys who run their raw cafe – Cafe Gratitude, which began the catalyst of a major transformation for Frank from a life of being overweight, depressed, estranged from his daughter, popping prescriptions drugs, enduring hepatitis C, and coping with previous drug and alcohol addictions, to a new body, open heart and mind, freedom from his prescription drugs, making peace with himself and his daughter and more.

One day while Frank was in the cafe one of the waiter’s (Ryland) asks him: “What’s the one thing you want to do before you die?”, Frank says: “I want to fall in love again but no one will love me looking the way I do”.

Ryland reaches out to help Frank by inviting him to return to the cafe every day for the next 42 days and enlists his friends from the cafe to make it their mission to take Frank on a healing journey of the physical, mental and spiritual.

Frank puts his trust in the boys and the healing begins with organic green juice, raw food, practicing gratitude, being loved and encouraged to learn to love himself, visiting holistic practitioners, and getting regular colonics.

All supervised and managed by these amazing, compassionate guys from Cafe Gratitude 100% committed to Frank’s healing.

This is a truly Raw (in every sense of the word!), touching, inspiring and funny documentary on what can be achieved in only a short amount of time, and the message is not only can Frank do this, but anyone can do this.

I’ve pasted the link below so you can watch the trailer. Highly recommended!

And if you are interested in purchasing the video you can purchase from here…


PS. Just to let you know I am in no way affiliated with the producers of this film. This story was so from the heart I wanted to share it with you!