Low GABA Levels? Learn How to Increase GABA Naturally!

Ever feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all? Feel so wound up, anxious and stressed that you are sleeping poorly and feeling irritable?

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I’ve been feeling all of the above of late, juggling multiple balls and working long hours, so I went on a search for some support.

After reading an interesting article by natural therapist, Greg Newson, I decided to try his Be-Calm supplement – a unique blend of herbs and nutrients that have a calming and relaxing effect on the body. In this article Greg explains the reason why raising your GABA levels naturally is so important to help us deal with stress and more.

“G’day friends and welcome!

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Well, it’s becoming a popular little word this GABA, and rightly so, as many people are now realising the benefits it has for the body. Now GABA shouldn’t be confused with the cricket ground in Brisbane, Australia called ‘The Gabba’! However, some might argue that watching a live cricket match at ‘The Gabba’ might be beneficial for raising your GABA levels, but for other people it might very stressful and down right boring – which is not good for your GABA levels.

Ok, cricket and my rambling aside, this brain chemical GABA is really important for your health, so lets get down to it;

What does GABA do?

GABA, short for gamma aminobutyric acid, is your major inhibitory or relaxing neurotransmitter (brain chemical). Normalisation of brain GABA levels leads to a reduction in stress, anxiety, nervousness and an improvement in insomnia resulting in a more restful night’s sleep 1,2,3.

GABA prevents nerve impulses associated with anxiety from reaching the motor centres of your brain (by filling your benzodiazepine receptors with GABA) 1,4,5. Besides binding to your GABA and benzodiazepine receptors, GABA decreases your beta brainwaves and increases your alpha brainwaves 1.

Beta brainwaves are important brain waves required during periods of concentration, attention, alertness and can enhance your memory, but excess or high concentrations that occur during times of stress can lead to more stress, anxiety, insomnia and depression. Alpha brainwaves on the other hand are produced when you go into a meditative state such as meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, when you focus your attention on one task, or as you begin to fall asleep. Alpha brainwaves are involved in