I’m off to Bali. Top of the To Do List: 1. Raw snacks. 2. Avoid Bali belly!

Yummy raw snacks and more for travelling….

Some of you may have read my previous Ding Dong Nuts post which described the hard time I had finding anything healthy to eat on the plane, out of the plane and in the airports while travelling. Not much fun when you are battling systemic Candida or any other diet related health condition.

Well not this time girlfriend! I am travelling well prepared!

This Sunday my partner and I are off to Bali for two weeks to escape the winter just for a bit, and to also do a week of yoga in Ubud at the One World Resort. (I can’t wait to blog about this experience!)

Knowing that eating raw and eating well is going to be extremely difficult, near impossible on my travels I have prepared (and purchased – yes I cheated just a bit) a myriad of raw snacks to keep me going and I’ve also packed a few things in the suitcase to keep me going while there, not just for eating but for protecting my gut from the dreaded Bali belly.

Anyone travelling to South East Asia, India, Indonesia or any other third world country should see their Naturopath before travelling as there are many natural supplements that can be taken to help you avoid parasites, intestinal worms, bad bacteria, and other serious types of food poisioning that always seem to pay a visit on your 2nd or 3rd day to ruin the rest of your trip!

So in the suitcase is a high strength pro-biotic that doesn’t need to be kept in the fridge that specifically targets the bad bugs, Candida etc and keeps them at bay. Its called SB Floractiv by BIOCeuticals. Secondly I have a product called Parex by Metagenics which is a herbal formula that kills intestinal worms, parasites, and is anti-microbial, anti-fungal. I also packed some high strength Digestive Enzyme tablets to take, I’m figuring there will be times where I can’t get access to Raw food, so this will help me digest cooked food without putting too much of a strain on my system. Lastly I have packed a big bottle of a naturally fermented drink from Body Ecology called Innergy Biotic. Its a yummy fizzy drink that is teeming with beneficial bacteria that eats up sugar, aids digestion and gut health. Its meant to be taken like a shot twice a day so hopefully it will last me the two weeks and keep me from speaking to the big white telephone!!

Now lets talk about Food! My favourite subject. In the picture you can see I have dehydrated, activated nuts (almonds, pecans, walnuts). I also tossed them in some Celtic Sea Salt and Olive Oil before dehydrating and I am having a hard time trying not to eat them right now as they are sooo delicious. It really is incredible the flavour you get from soaking and dehydrating nuts, then adding a touch of salt. Hopefully I’ve made enough to last the trip!

I also made some Flax Seed Crackers and Kale Chips. These are all dehydrated, and so easy to make, and its great because they can all be put into the dehydrator at once to save time and money. I will be offering a class on all the miracles you can make in a Dehydrator very soon. If you don’t have a dehydrator I know Loving Earth do a range of Kale Chips and Activated Nuts, but be prepared to spend $$$.

What isn’t in the picture but is going in my handbag will be crudites, ie., carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, capsicum sticks. A whole avocado, some almond bread and for a naughty treat some Raw bars purchased from my local health food store. This way I avoid the temptation to eat the plane food which will usually consist of lots of wheat, diary, bread, sugar etc. What a combo for an upset tummy!

I’ve avoided fruit, as it just doesn’t agree with me, but if you are ok with fruit, its so easy to just grab a whole apple or banana, orange etc., or make a beautiful fruit salad to take with you.

I’ve learnt my lesson the hard way, now being un-prepared for travelling is not an option anymore! So with a bit of planning and forethought I have a great range of raw snacks on hand that were actually very easy to make and are going to save me a lot of bellyache (hopefully!) on my journey.

I’m also hoping there will be some amazing raw food bars, or organic cafes in Ubud which is apparently supposed to be a bit of a hub for the health and wellness movement. I will be on the hunt! If anyone has some suggestions also I would love to hear them!

On a side note I am quietly a little worried about how my boyfriend will cope on this Yoga experience.. its all very full on, lots of vegetarian food, meditating and yoga. He is a meat, potatoes and beer kinda guy and I think its going to be a very interesting experience for him!

Will keep you posted ;-) , until then..

Peace and Love

Amanda :-)

PS. If you would like to know more about the Body Ecology range, here is the link to the Australian Distributor, her name is Maria Hunt and is based in Sydney.. //www.yourdigestion.com.au/about/body-ecology