Join me 25-29 August 2020 in beautiful Ubud, Bali and..

  • Get ready to de-stress and let go of all that is keeping you feeling stuck and unhealthy with a guided detox

  • Receive expert support and guidance every day to achieve your health goals with workshops & uncooking classes

  • Experience the upgrade to being naturally healthy with fasting & raw vegan foods

  • Reset unhealthy eating habits and self-sabotage during reset week

  • Re-build your body, mind and soul from a cellular level with a guided 4 day fast, 1 day raw vegan feast

  • Feel confident you can embody a healthier lifestyle long after detox week is over from my 1:1 session customised for you

Who is this Reset Detox Week for?

• You’re wanting a guided and supported detox to help you navigate the journey and help keep you accountable.

• You want to upgrade your body & mind with cleansing plant based juices, smoothies & healing food that will form the foundation for profound transformation in your life.

• You want it to be short and achievable. In just 4 days of fasting and 1 day of raw vegan foods you’ll be detoxing physical & emotional toxins that are keeping you stuck, feeling less than average.

• You are ready to take back control of your health & happiness and know that fasting is the quickest way to do it.


• You’re ready to gain an intimate understanding of the importance of detox & using food as medicine with hands on workshops, yoga, energy healing, meditation, detox, supplementation & more.

• You want to develop self-enquiry and loving kindness with yourself in a guided setting, with the opportunity to release stored physical and emotional toxins.

Hear what Jess had to say....

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How Reset Detox Week is going to help transform you!

  1. It's 5 days of an immersion into juice feast fasting and raw vegan foods for a total reset of body & mind
  2. Each day is guided and supported with your detox coach & facilitators in a unique tropical setting
  3. It's a week to give back to YOU - to fully surrender to letting go of all that is keeping you feeling stuck and unhealthy
  4. Daily workshops - learn the principles of detox, fasting and how to use food as medicine
  5. Feel safe and held each day with your 'tribe' and detox team to fully dive into your total reset
  6. Yoga, meditation, water purification ceremony and holistic detox protocols included

Experience All This And More…

Are you ready for a week of nurturing, healing & upgrading?


What is Reset Week all about...

I’ll be gently guiding you into upgrading your body & mind with cleansing plant based juices, smoothies & healing food that will form the foundation for profound transformation in your life.

This week is perfect for beginners or newbies to fasting and healing. 4 days of fasting and 1 day of raw vegan foods is very achievable.

BONUS: 1:1 session with me to customise your reset detox week experience to YOUR specific needs.

Each day we’ll focus on movement, mindset, nutrition, holistic workshops as well as hands on workshops that will give you the confidence to be able to go home and continue your upgrade.

Learn how you CAN be the best version of yourself no matter what temptations or hurdles life throws at you.

Feel safe and held each day with your ‘tribe’ and detox team to fully dive into creating the space you need in your life for you total reset and transformation in a unique tropical setting.

You’ll develop self-enquiry and loving kindness as each day you release stored physical and emotional toxins.

Say goodbye to food cravings, unhealthy habits, niggly health issues & those pesky few kilos.

Feel the nurturing energy that is Bali with my special team of healers & guides.

Reconnect to your body and sacred intuition as you begin to experience an upgrade to feeling lighter and clearer, gaining presence and stillness within your body and mind.

Some logistics…

  • The reset week is held at a custom built culinary school – Alchemy Academy, in Ubud, Bali, with Amanda Brocket and her fabulous Raw Food Kitchen Team


  • The numbers are strictly capped to keep it intimate so you receive lots of extra knowledge & attention.


  • Everyday is about coming together to juice, rest, digest, share, learn, laugh, feel supported & get present. Daily holistic health workshops and hands on workshops.


  • We meet at 9am and finish at 4pm each day with our last day being a raw vegan clean eating feast!


  • There will be excursions later in the week for a holy water cleansing & ridge walk.


  • Accommodation is not included in the price but we can assist you in finding accommodation near the Academy to suit any budget. Simply email me here to enquire


  • Enjoy swimming in the permaculture pool during the day!

Are you ready to reconnect to your body & mind on Reset Week?


Why do the Reset Detox Week?

  1. Your life is busy, stressful, you want to eat and be well but it just seems so hard to do
  2. Your body feels out of balance and you don't have the time or know where to start to make a change
  3. You want to kick start your health journey and know that fasting is the quickest way to do it, but you need help
  4. You know being held accountable and being with your 'tribe' is what makes change a success
  5. You are sick of feeling sick and tired, of feeling unhealthy and unhappy
  6. You know that the only way you'll be able to hit the reset button is to be in a guided, focused setting

Included in your Reset Week:

  • All Juices, Smoothies & Delicious Plant Based Meals

  • Walking Tour of The Ridge & Village Walk

  • Water Blessing Ceremony

  • 1:1 Consultation Customisation Session, 1 x Colonic, 1 x Detox Kit

  • Daily Yoga & Meditation

  • Guest Workshops & Kirtan

  • Airport Pick Up

  • Daily 'How To' Workshops, Hands On Workshops, Take Home Recipes, & Ongoing Support From Our Facilitators

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Why choose this time for a detox? It is recommended to fast and cleanse the body at least once a year to help support optimal health and longevity.

Change of seasons naturally support your body’s desire to detox, and Spring is particularly powerful at this time for cleansing and renewing, as it symbolises new growth and new beginnings.

To determine if Reset Detox Week is right for you, please click on the red button below, fill out a short application form, and I’ll be in touch. Apply NOW & take advantage of the Early Bird Offer.*


*Early Bird Offer Ends March 31 2020

It's a total reset for mind, body, soul


About Alchemy Academy

Alchemy Academy is a custom built culinary space for plant based workshops & courses, in Ubud, Bali, and is just 5 minutes from Penestanan, the healing hub of Ubud, where many holistic treatments are available.

Taxi bikes and drivers are easy to come by and cost approximately $5-$10 for a trip to Ubud Centre, approximately 10-15 minutes from Alchemy Academy.

The convenience of the location combined with the therapeutic benefits of the indoor outdoor space, natural surrounds including break out spaces, a lush fruit and vegetable garden, and an amazing permaculture pool for swimming in, make Alchemy Academy the perfect setting for focused connecting, learning, resting and simply being present in nature.

Hear what Jane had to say about Detox Week:

Important things to note...

* This is a guided reset, with a gentle and delicious juice fast, that won't leave you feeling hungry. Perfect for you if this is your first time fasting yet you know you need a deeper healing, cleansing experience.

* Imagine your body and mind - cleansed, energised, focused, present and embodying the healthiest version of you. How would that feel?

* Set yourself up for summer and beyond as your new found wisdom of the body and mind and what you are capable of makes possibilities infinite.

* Flights, accommodation and travel to and from the venue is not included; however we are more than happy to assist you in providing you accommodation options, a driver for pick up at the airport to your Ubud accommodation. Simply email [email protected] for more information.

* We offer payment plans. 20% deposit required to reserve your spot, then repayments to suit your budget. Last payment due 3 week prior to start date of the course.

Travel insurance travelling to and from Bali is recommended.

* Registrations close 2 weeks prior to start date.

* Fully paid up bookings are fully refundable less 50% booking fee up until 90 days out from course date. If you wish to cancel after this period, your payment & place will be forfeit. Refunds for deposits or payment plans partially completed will also incur a 10% admin fee.

* This course is led by Amanda Brocket who is a published author, qualified chef, teacher and coach.


About your lead Detox Retreat Facilitator

About Amanda:

Amanda shares the power of healing and transforming the body, mind and soul, through plant based eating by teaching and inspiring others to reconnect to and love their bodies, learn what it means to feel truly nourished, gain more energy and vitality and change the way we think about the word “diet”.

Amanda is a qualified Raw Food Teacher, Chef, Coach and published author.

Amanda has a strong interest in detox having dedicated the last 9 years of her life to detoxing, healing and upgrading the body, through various healing modalities that include detox strategies, body work and energetic healing.

Her personal journey has given her a deep understanding of what’s required to detox and heal the body naturally for optimal well being.
Amanda loves hosting events, chef courses, workshops and retreats in Sydney and overseas, as well as offering guided online programs to help people along their wellness journey.

Amanda has been leading healing retreats for the last 8 years and is passionate about helping others transform their health and more through the power of plant based eating.

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From herein the author, Amanda Brocket, The Raw Food Kitchen (author) are one and the same. The techniques and advice described in this reset week retreat represent the opinions of the author based on their experience.

The author expressly disclaims any responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a result of using any of the techniques, recipes or recommendations suggested herein. If in any doubt, or if requiring medical advice, please contact the appropriate health professional.

The user of this reset week retreat assumes all responsibility and risk for any injury, loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly by joining this reset week retreat and using any information described here on in.

While fasting is a safe and healthy practice for the majority of people, we don’t recommend it for those who are pregnant, breast feeding, with critical heart conditions, diabetes, or chronic conditions such as cancer (especially those actively undergoing oncology treatments).

Booking is fully refundable less 50% booking fee up until 90 days out from the reset week retreat date.

If you wish to cancel after this period, your payment and place will be forfeit.

For our full terms & conditions please read the Retreat Terms & Conditions on this website.

Any questions please email: [email protected]

Please notify us immediately if you have food intolerances or an existing medical condition and have booked this reset week retreat.

No transfers between retreats or events.

I look forward to seeing you with us for an amazing transformational journey.

* itinerary subject to change slightly