Fermented Red Onions

Yes the tears were worth it to make this jar of fermented red onions!

Onions have magical powers, but ferment them like you will in this fermented red onions recipe and you just increased their potent powers by a gazillion percent.

These little fermented red onions flavor bombs are more than just tear-inducing kitchen companions, here’s why:

Say Bye-Bye to Mucous: Onions are natural mucous busters! Breathe easy and keep those sniffles at bay by incorporating them into your meals.

Bone Strengthening: Onions are loaded with bone-friendly nutrients, they’re your new secret weapon for bone health.

Gut Loving: Fermented Red Onions have loads of gut loving good bacteria and help you digest the foods you eat.

Immunity Booster: Need a superhero for your immune system? Onions are packed with antioxidants and vitamins to keep you fighting fit.

Toxin Takedown: They’re little detox ninjas, helping your body remove unwanted toxins.


Ingredients for the Fermented Red Onions:

  • 500g red onions, finely sliced
  • Salt brine: 2t pink salt dissolved in 2C filtered water
  • 1L mason jar
  • 1 fermenting lid or mason jar lid
  • 1 glass weight or other weight to keep ferment submerged



Grab yoru finely sliced onions and pack them tightly into jar.

Leave a 1 inch space at the top.

Pour in your salt brine so it covers the onions.

Place in your glass fermenting weight so the onions stay submerged under the brine.

Pop your fermenting lid or mason jar lid on and leave on bench to ferment at room temp for approx.. 2 days.

You will know when they are ready when you see the bubbles forming.

Place in fridge, they will last for months.

Use the fermented red onions as a delicious color popping topper for tacos, cheese & crackers, with eggs, avo on toast, in dips, salads, potato salad, and keep the brine left over to make a delicious salad dressing!


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Enjoy! 😘


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Fermented Red Onions

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