What’s the difference between Open vs. Closed Ferments?

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What’s the difference between Open vs. Closed Ferments?

An open ferment is one where the surface of the fermenting liquid is exposed to the air – think Kombucha and traditional style Sauerkraut (Germans are known for fermenting in a big open clay pot).

Open ferments

Means wild yeast & bacteria can enter the ferment so you can never really guarantee what kind of strains you are getting in your ferment.

However the argument against this, that the culture in the open ferment is strong enough to repel any wild yeasts or unwelcome molds or bacterias.

Closed ferments

Mean the ferment is done with a sealed lid with as little oxygen or exposure to oxygen as possible. Using a vacuum seal lid or airlock allows for even more greater control over this, and also allows carbon dioxide to be released during the fermentation process, keeping it free from unwelcome bacteria and yeasts.

This also means you have greater control over what cultures create your ferment. This is particularly important if you are dealing with specific gut issues, such as systemic candida, or need to avoid certain types of good bacteria (SIBO).

This has been my personal experience also when dealing with Systemic Candida, I did not tolerate Kombucha so well but closed ferments were fine.

Using a vacuum seal lid with airlock that creates an anaerobic environment, in my opinion is the safest most fail safe way of creating fermented foods, it keeps the oxygen out and allows gases to escape and limits the amount of outside contamination potential when the jar is not open.

An airlock prevents air movement when air pressures are equal. If air pressures inside are greater, gasses bubble through the airlock. If air pressures outside are greater, gasses will bubble in through the airlock the same way they bubble out.

Clever huh!

No more mess, no more mold, no more fail!

That’s why in our Complete Fermentation Starter Kit available on Amazon, you get the unique airlock vacuum seal lids, that are so easy to use! No need to fill up messy water airlock canisters, simply create your ferment and screw on the lid, set the date timer and wait your desired time!

And if you need to check your ferment there’s a handy pump included in the kit so you can extract the oxygen again and feel safe knowing that your ferment can continue to create gut loving goodness without the risk of unwelcome bacteria strains or fungus.

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Happy Fermenting! <3

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