Xylitol 500g


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Xylitol 500g

Naturally made product derived from non GMO corn. Looks like sugar, tastes like sugar but instead is a very low GI of 7, making it safe for people with diabetes or candida to use it. Helps prevent the growth of bad bacteria in the mouth, prevents cavities and helps promote remineralisation of teeth. Has 40% fewer calories than sugar and 75% less carbohydrates than standard sugar. Has no bitter aftertaste and does not contain aspartame. Use in your raw desserts, cookies, cakes, smoothies, bliss balls.


100% Birch Xylitol non GMO

Nutrition Panel:

Serving Size: 4g

Per Serving

Energy: 42kJ

Protein: <1g

Fat (Total): <1g

Fat (Saturated): <1g

Carbohydrates: Total: <1g

Dietary Fibre: <1g

Sodium: <5mg

Gluten: 0g

Note: Excessive Consumption may have a laxative effect.