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In my 10 Steps for Raw Success eBook here is what you get...

  1. 19 pages full colour eBook jammed packed with informative raw content + bonus recipe!
  2. Easy to understand explanations on why go raw and what to expect when going raw or plant based
  3. Tips for weekly planning, not just for food shopping but for making time for the biggest priority right now – YOU!
  4. Vital content that gives you the key tools necessary to set you up for your upgrade to raw vegan or plant based a success!
  5. Tips on how to create the healthy life you want
  6.  Advice on how to stay healthy and how to navigate friends and family

In my delicious Easy Raw Recipes eBook here's what you get:

  1. 39 page full colour eBook beautifully designed with every recipe featuring full colour photography
  2. All of my personal favourite recipes that get used time and time again are in this eBook
  3. 26 delicious and nutritious easy to make raw & plant based recipes
  4. Juices, Smoothies, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert and Snack Options
  5. Information on how to use the most popular superfoods and other raw speciality foods
  6. Important info on how plant based eating is healing for your body
  7. Easy to follow Contents Page
  8. Handy tips on what to expect when going plant based or switching to raw vegan

In my handy Stock Your Kitchen eBook here's what you get:

  1. 4 easy steps to a raw food kitchen
  2. Equipment you’ll need
  3. How to shop for raw goodness
  4. Raw food shopping list
  5. What should feature in your pantry, fridge, freezer for optimal healthy eating
  6. How to plan and prep to make eating plant based easy

Eating healthy is easy and NEVER boring if you have these eBooks...

Ready to switch to plant based eating, but don’t want deprivation?

Want to make amazing raw food or plant based recipes recipes but know you need the kitchen set up to support it?

Ready to rock amazing meals that heal with ease and no fuss?

Not ready to give up chocolate, cheesecake, cereal, milk, spaghetti & meatballs?

You don’t have to.

Eating plant based, raw vegan foods, IS the most amazing way to healing your body through food, so use the tips and recipes in these eBooks and make your transition and upgrade to healthy eating a success from the get go.

Inside these eBooks are some key steps to help you align yourself with your true intention so that you can make your raw vegan journey a success and can begin to have more radiance, vitality and energy than ever before.

Are you ready for the upgrade?


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"The tips in this book are a life saver when it came to setting my kitchen up for my foray into healthy eating."


“I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed your ‘Easy Raw Food Recipes’ eBook! I’ve suffered from poor digestive health for years and a friend suggested I try following a raw food diet. Your eBook has not only provided me with recipes to get me started, it has also explained the principles of the diet and taught me about raw superfoods. After just 2 weeks I’m feeling better already!”


“I’m new to raw and really had no idea or support about how to do it properly. Doing the diet is one thing but it goes deeper than that as I’ve discovered!
This eBook really helped me understand in layman’s terms how important it is to have my mind and environment in the right place. Thank you, now I can’t wait to get started!”

Katie B

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