Juice Fasting for Busy Peeps!


Its that time of year and I’m about to embark on a juice fast again, spring is a great time to clear out the winter cobwebs and give your body a chance to detox, regenerate and feel amazing again.

But what if you are super busy and don’t have time to shop and prepare the juices?

Schkinny Manniny are my go to when I need to juice fast but am super pressed for time. They have some great juice packs on offer – some even include meals and they can also customise them to suit your needs.

I chose the low fruit juice and asked to have the fruit omitted for one day so I could try the difference in the low sugar to no sugar.

My Week on Juice


I have to say I was looking forward to having a break from preparing food for a week (a mini holiday away from the kitchen) as I opened up my delivery box every morning filled with 6 delicious looking juices ready made for me for the day.

The great thing about Schkinny Mannniny juices is that they are mixed, so for example lunch and dinner is usually a soup with protein such as lentils or a creamy soup with blended cashews, that you can gently warm on the stove so it does feel quite nourishing.

And the nut milk which is the last drink of the day still has all the fibre so it can keep the hunger pangs at bay and helps you sleep at night.

Day 1 was a breeze but Day 2 I had a splitting headache and was feeling quite emotional (note to self: relationship break ups a week before a juice fast do add to the challenge of it all – so if you are going through emotional turmoil in your life be prepared for things to come up!) so I took myself off to get a massage, and also booked a colonic to help move those toxins out faster. Schkinny Manniny also provide a cute little tub of epsom salts you can throw into a bath to help you detoxify. They got used too!

Day 3 was a little easier, but still felt a bit flat. The juices all tasted delicious and when ever I got hungry I just grabbed another juice. To help pep me up and keep those toxins moving out I started doing coffee enemas at home. If you know me you know I am a huge fan of coffee enemas and do them at least weekly even when not fasting. You can find out why coffee enemas are great for removing toxins here.

Day 4 & 5 were so easy! I felt like I had more energy and did not feel hungry at all. In fact I was feeling a little sad that my juicing for the week was coming to an end. I felt like I could have done another week!

So Why Should We Fast?

Toxins are in our food sources to all the man made products we are surrounded by. Throw in daily stress and over-eating or eating the wrong types of foods create a toxic environment in the body.

When our bodies are overwhelmed with toxins and it struggles to keep up with its natural detoxification process. Signs, such as bloating, headaches, weight gain, being low on energy, feeling flat, acne or eczema, food intolerances, allergies, frequent colds, or feeling tired are all symptoms of the body needing a detox

We need to be detoxing our bodies on a regular basis and fasting is a great reset for the body, you could even try fasting one day a week to give your body regular breaks and a chance to regenerate. There are also great daily detoxing rituals which can be added into any routines. See my Top 5 Gentle Detox Tips for an idea of how you might go about adding these into your routine.

If you feel the need for a juice fast but the timing is not quite right due to work schedule or you are just time poor check out Schkinny Manniny juices here.

Interested in doing a detox with raw food? Check out our 28 Day Raw Food Transformation Program here.

Let us support you in adopting or maintaining a raw food diet. We have two amazing raw food diet plans that makes being or going raw simple and easy.