How To Maintain A Healthy Diet Through Winter

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It’s soooo easy to fall off the wagon in winter with your healthy eating goals.

The cold temps make you want to eat and eat and eat. Well it does for me anyway!

And that usually means stodgy carbohydrate laden foods, lots of chocolate and probably some red wine!

So in this article I am going to share with you my 4 proven strategies on how to maintain a healthy diet during winter.

Part of what I teach when you join me on a plant based journey is to learn how to eat intuitively. And that means eating with the seasons.

In the cooler months we tend to want to eat heavier foods, and if not choosing wisely, this can lead to weight gain.

We also tend to want to hibernate more so we move less too. Double whammy!

I know raw vegan is THE best diet for detoxing and healing the body, but trying to force yourself to eat a raw vegan diet through winter can have the opposite effect – it can give rise to dampness in the body and create its own set of health issues if not addressed.

It’s all about balance, and being more intuitive to what your body needs and fuelling it appropriately.

Our bodies are always changing and we are changing and shifting with the season too.

Another reason why it’s quite natural to get a cold between seasons, as the body naturally detoxifies at this time.

BUT instead of reaching for that block of chocolate, glass of red or starchy pasta meal – that you know is only going to kick in unhealthy eating habits and weight gain, try my 4 tips below to keep you on track in the cooler months.

My 4 Tips On How To Maintain A Healthy Diet During Winter:

1. Omit All Dairy & Gluten.

That includes wheat! Both are major culprits for inflammation in the body, leading to bloat and weight gain, not to mention a fast track to gut issues.

Substitute with gluten free and try out plant based milks, yoghurts and cheeses instead. They taste just as amazing, especially the cheeses in a vegan lasagne or pasta!

2. Stay Primarily Vegan.

Mostly cooked vegan as your body needs warming foods during this time. Add in warming spices, and think about using roasted root veges which are very grounding and nourishing. Or a delicious stir fry with some buckwheat noodles.

Use the 80/20 rule (I use this rule for everything as it works so well!). So that means 80% primarily plant based and 20% of what you fancy – so this could be some quality organic animal protein if you desire.

OR 20% raw, its always great to maintain some raw on your plate in some way (baby spinach, fresh herbs, kale etc). As we all know the power of those beneficial enzymes in raw foods.

3. Move

Even if you don’t feel like it! Just 10 minutes a day is enough, rug up, get outside, get some fresh air, or if it’s really unbearable outside, google a HIIT workout on You Tube and you’ll be a fat burning machine in no time, it will warm you up, give you energy and improve your mood!

4. Have A Daily Detox Strategy

It’s sooo easy for toxins to build up in your body during winter, as the urge to move is less, eat more and stay indoors is REAL. So have a daily detox strategy to ensure your insides are eliminating properly, and possibly have support to keep your detoxification pathways working. What’s especially nice at the colder times of year is making a turmeric, ginger, garlic, raw honey hot drink and having this daily. It’s super immune boosting, helps support the liver and keeps bugs at bay.


Feeling the need for some extra support to stay healthy during winter?

I run regular online group winter cleanses, not a juice or raw vegan meal in sight! Just delicious, hearty, nourishing goodness, with the support of me by your side and my Cleanse Community. Email me here if you’d like to be put on the wait list for the next round.

Don’t forget to head to our Recipes Page for some yummy healthy recipes!

Much raw <3


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