How often should you eat fermented foods?

Fermented Foods

How often should you eat fermented foods?

The short answer is as much as you can!

Eating fermented foods daily will strengthen your immune system, reduce bloating, control cravings, and help heal digestive issues. Why?

  1. Foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, cultured yoghurts, any type of fermented food help support digestion by using natural enzymes and probiotics to break down and absorb key nutrients.
  2. Immunity – Since our immune system is mostly housed in our digestive tract, it’s crucial to keep it fed with a daily diet rich in fermented foods and probiotics.
  3. Keeps you happy – 70% of our serotonin lives in the gut. A healthy digestive eco-system may lead to a healthier mind and support better mood balance.
  4. Stable weight & curbs cravings – Consuming more of these products can help curb sugar cravings, and bonus is they’re also generally lower in carbohydrates and calories than most foods. Keep eating loads of fermented foods and it will help keep your weight under control.
  5. Energy and vitality – They may also boost energy due to the amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and nutrients. New research also shows a positive correlation between fermented foods and heart health.
  6. Helps detoxify the body, breaks down toxins, pathogens, kills candida, bad bacteria.
  7. Better poop! Sorry but it had to be said. Lol.

We need to replenish with good bacteria daily and in the BILLIONS along with as many different strains as possible to ensure we have a healthy terrain = healthy mind and body.

Because of the cooked and pasteurised nature of most foods, and our stressful lifestyles we are not getting the many varied strains that we need.

This is where the magic and benefits of unpasteurised, home made fermented foods and drink come in.

How are you getting your daily dose of good bacteria in?

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Happy Fermenting! <3

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